FPT Play announces good news for Vietnamese fans about AFF Cup

In the city. Ho Chi Minh today, March 21, 2022, FPT Play was officially announced as the only unit that fully owns the broadcasting and media rights of the AFF Championship 2022 in 4 countries Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar.

Extending the glorious victories of Vietnamese players in the regional arena, FPT Play continues to bring to Vietnamese audiences the AFF Championship 2022 – scheduled for December 2018. now on. The tournament will be reported live by FPT Play on infrastructures: terrestrial, cable, satellite, IPTV, Internet, mobile, public projection and exploitation on social networks…

This is the most prestigious tournament in the region, expected to be the next big playground for the Vietnamese national team to showcase the achievements they have learned in the World Cup Qualifiers – Asia region, the largest arena. continents for the national team level. Besides, this is an opportunity for the “golden star warriors” to once again show their bravery and determination to conquer and satisfy Vietnamese fans.

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Sharing this event, Ms. To Nam Phuong – Deputy General Director of FPT Play said: “The year 2022 begins with the consecutive victories of the country’s football in the international arena, both at the national team level and at the youth level of Vietnam U23. Overcoming all difficulties, the golden star warriors have tried to give Vietnamese sports fans in particular and the international sports community in general an admiring view of our internal strength.

In the face of the aggressive spirit of the players, FPT Play wishes to contribute a small part of the effort, in order to continue to bring the winning moments to the masses. And AFF Championship 2022 is FPT Play’s next attempt to bring the best images of Vietnamese football to the Vietnamese people.”

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Ms. To Nam Phuong – Deputy General Director of FPT Play

Mr. Khiev Sameth – President, General Secretary of the Southeast Asian Football Federation (AFF) emphasized: “We are delighted that FPT Play becomes the media and broadcasting rights holder in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar for the 2022 Southeast Asian Football Championship.

Previously, FPT Play was an important partner in the AFF U23 Championship 2022, held earlier this year. The continued cooperation with FPT Play demonstrates the trust in the quality of services that FPT Play provides, as well as affirms the commitment of both units in supporting and developing football in the ASEAN region.”

Investment in sports content is a development direction in the overall strategy, comprehensive development of products, services and content of FPT Play from 2020. In parallel with the deployment of broadcasting AFF Championship 2022 At the same time, FPT Play also maintains many schedules of major tournaments, in many subjects, which will in turn be reported live on FPT Play’s platforms.

Specifically, in 2022, spectators can watch on FPT Play the following tournaments:





UEFA Champions League 2021/2022

AFC Asian Qualifiers – Road to Qatar

AFF Championship 2022;

UEFA Europa League 2021/2022

AFC U23 Asian Cup 2022 – Final

AFF U23 Championship 2022

UEFA Europa Conference League 2021/2022

AFC Futsal Asian Cup 2022

UEFA Youth League 2021/2022

AFC Champions League 2022

UEFA Super Cup 2022

AFC Cup 2022

FA Cup 2022

Martial Arts

Bellator MMA

Professional Fighters League (PFL)

Combate Global

King of Kings Fight (KOK)


Turkish Airlines EuroLeague 2021/2022

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Ms. Tran Thu Trang – Deputy General Director of FPT Play

At the continental level, in 2022, two clubs, Hoang Anh Gia Lai and Viettel, will represent Vietnamese football to participate in the group stage of the AFC Champions League and the AFC Cup taking place right in Ho Chi Minh City in April and June this year. . Information from AFC said that Thong Nhat Stadium will officially become the venue to witness both teams of coach Kiatisak and coach Truong Viet Hoang competing in the two most anticipated club tournaments on this continent. .

Not only broadcasting the tournaments, the audience can also watch quality companion news reports, analysis by experts, commentators, players and journalists… with many in-depth perspectives, at the same time can participate in many interactive games on FPT Play.

Along with constantly improving Internet infrastructure such as upgrading bandwidth at a constant price, FPT Play continuously introduces new products such as FPT TV 4K FX6 Decoder or FPT Play Box S, and at the same time upgrades the communication service. FPT Play application interface on mobile devices, smartTV, website interface… so that the audience can enjoy unlimitedly a series of premium content on the unit’s multi-platforms anytime, anywhere. This is the affirmation of FPT Play in building a rich and diverse content ecosystem, making a difference in the market.

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