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From today, YouTube, Google, Facebook…can pay taxes online in Vietnam

This morning, March 21, the General Department of Taxation announced and operated an electronic portal for overseas suppliers ( and announced the deployment of an electronic tax application for mobile devices. eTax Mobile mobile.

According to the General Department of Taxation, this is not only aimed at effective tax management but also facilitates the development of e-commerce activities. At the same time, creating a level playing field between traditional business and e-commerce business, between domestic business activities and cross-border business.

From today, YouTube, Google, Facebook...can pay taxes online in Vietnam - 1

The Ministry of Finance activated the announcement of the implementation of the e-commerce portal for foreign suppliers and the eTax Mobile application. (Photo: General Department of Taxation)

After the portal for overseas suppliers goes into operation, all transactions from registration, declaration, tax payment, etc. are carried out online and with domestic suppliers. Outsiders are not required to submit hard copies to the Vietnamese tax authorities.

Specifically, through the portal, foreign suppliers can log in and declare tax. Once the tax return is completed, the payer will receive an email confirming the submission of the return and instructions on how to pay the tax with the tax rate and amount to be paid.

The overseas supplier is only allowed to register an official email address to receive all notifications during the transaction with the tax authority directly managing it.

The General Department of Taxation said that strengthening electronic tax services to support taxpayers will promote the development of cross-border e-commerce activities and increase revenue for the state budget.

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