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Has Ho Chi Minh City passed the peak of the epidemic?

On the afternoon of March 21, Ms. Nguyen Thi Huynh Mai, Chief of the Office of the Health Department of Ho Chi Minh City, said that from March 7 to today (March 21), the number of cases COVID-19 However, in order to determine whether Ho Chi Minh City has passed the peak of the epidemic or not, it is necessary to evaluate the Ministry of Health as well as the city’s Steering Committee for epidemic prevention and control, the Department of Health will continue to continue to monitor epidemic developments in the city.

Evaluation of the danger of the BA.2 variant (stealth variant), according to Ms. Mai, through patient management monitoring, showed that, within 1 month now, people infected with the Delta variant have been gradually replaced by the Delta variant. strain Omicron. Monitoring at hospitals also shows that most of the patients are mild, not severe, newly admitted patients are not many, most patients choose to isolate at home.

“Most of the infected people have completed their isolation (negative) within 5 days, except for some cases with underlying diseases who are hospitalized, the rest are mostly mild. This shows injection vaccines has been effective with this new strain, the campaign to protect people at risk is on the right track, the health sector will continue to pursue the campaign to control the epidemic well.”said Mrs. Mai.

COVID-19 cases tend to decrease, so the number of children cases also decreases compared to last week. Currently, 288 children with COVID-19 are hospitalized at 3 hospitals (Children 1, Children 2 and City Children); cases of children who were positive for inpatient examination (March 7-21) were 631 cases, of which 5 children were hospitalized; 16 severe cases, including 4 mechanical ventilation cases.

Has Ho Chi Minh City passed the peak of the epidemic?  - first

Ms. Nguyen Thi Huynh Mai, Chief of Office of Ho Chi Minh City Department of Health.

Parents should send their children to see a doctor when they have symptoms of COVID-19, if they are not eligible for home treatment, especially if there are people with risk factors (elderly, medical conditions) who will be hospitalized. The Department of Health also held a meeting with experts to assess the epidemic situation in the city, advise the city’s epidemic prevention and control committee on the fact that F1 has injected all 3 doses of the vaccine so that students and workers will work and study normally. ”said Mrs. Mai.

Regarding the COVID-19 Patient Management System software for F0 home treatment, Mai said that it is still in the testing period, so it is still slow and has some problems. Therefore, the medical industry that is in the process of digital transformation will overcome technology and perfect it.

The Chief of Office of the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Health added that currently some large hospitals have post-COVID-19 treatment departments, others without treatment departments also have sub-units and post-COVID-19 units. , the children’s hospital also has a post-COVID-19 department, so people can visit hospitals regardless of adults or children.

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