How to solve the great crisis of Kim Lau for a female student born in 1997 with Hien Ho?

Those who meet the deadline Kim Lau absolutely must remember not to do big things such as buying a house, buying a car, getting married…

According to horoscopeterm Kim Lau is said to be very bad for female netizens, singer Hien Ho (Dinh Suu 1997) with recent love scandals also committed Kim Lau in 2022. So what is Kim Lau’s term really?

What is the term Kim Lau?

The term Kim Lau is a term used to refer to the unlucky things that can happen if you commit a Kim Lau.

Literally, Kim Lau means golden floor. But in the past, the golden floor was only a place for gods and kings to live. Therefore, ordinary people living in the golden floor often do not go well. Based on that belief, according to the ancients, Pham Kim Lau built a house was not convenient.

At the same time, the term of Kim Lau is not the same in each age and each year because it depends on the age of the Kim Lau offense that the offender will be able to suffer what kind of term.

In the Golden Pavilion is divided into 4 types of luck, also known as the “Four Golden Pavilions”, including:

– Kim Lau Than: I hate myself.

– Kim Lau The: hate his wife.

– Kim Lau Tzu: I hate you.

– Kim Lau Suc: Cattle raising.

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How to calculate Kim Lau 2022

Based on the method of calculating the principles of the I Ching to choose the numbers that violate the Kim Lau, the folk summarize and transmit the sentence: “One three six eight, Jin Lou. If you make a house, get married, buy a buffalo, don’t”according to which the calculation of Kim Lau’s age is as follows:

Way 1: Including the mother’s age, if the last digit is 1, 3, 6, 8, then Kim Lau’s age is violated.

For example: A girl born in 1997, by 2022, her age is 26 years old, so tens is 2 and units is 6, which is considered a violation of Kim Lau.

Way 2: Take the number of ages, including the mother’s age, divide by 9, if divisible without remainder or have a remainder but do not fall into the numbers 1, 3, 6, 8, it does not violate Kim Lau’s age, and vice versa if the division leading to the above numbers, it is a violation of Kim Lau.

For example: The girl was born in 1997. By 2022, her age is 26 years old. Dividing 26 by 9 will result in a remainder of 2, then falling into the number 8 means the Kim Lau age.

Both calculations show that the girl born in 1997 falls in the golden age, so she avoids big things.

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Hien Ho was born in 1997 (Dinh Suu) met the deadline of Kim Lau in 2022

How to neutralize Kim Lau


– Wait past the birthday according to the lunar calendar of that year.

– Wait until the Winter Solstice, the beginning of winter in the Northern Hemisphere with the longest night of the year, and the beginning of summer in the Southern Hemisphere with the shortest night of the year. The winter solstice day is also known as the day of “no teacher, no book, no blame”.

– Apply for a bride twice (Married twice) to neutralize the “break in the middle of the road” story or bad things in the marriage relationship.


In case you want to build a house, repair a house, open a business, but violate the Kim Lau term, you must borrow the age of another person to not violate the Kim Lau term.

This means that there must be a ceremony to borrow someone with a beautiful age in the year to perform the worship work on behalf of, break ground, look after and supervise, etc., when the deadline for Kim Lau is over, carry out the procedure of “buying and selling negative” to “transfer ownership” to yourself.

Ha Anh (Synthesis)
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