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Hung Yen: Ensuring safety when students return to school

In the past week, when the number of COVID-19 cases decreased, some localities have informed students back to school live. In Hung Yen, from March 15, preschool children and high school students in Hung Yen province returned to school directly after more than 9 months of stopping going to school. However, going to school does not take place at all schools at the same time, but the schedule must be consistent with the situation of the COVID-19 epidemic in the locality. The organization of semi-boarding and teaching to ensure safety, prevention and control of epidemics is focused.

Going to school in the middle of the epidemic season, the school gate did not have a bustling scene. Partly because the school’s total number is divided into 2 morning – afternoon, part because the student pick-up is also divided into 2 main and auxiliary gates. To ensure the distance, mid-time activities must also be held in the classroom.

Hung Yen: Ensuring safety when students return to school - Photo 1.

The teacher disinfects the students’ hands

The first week back to school, most of the classes are not full when many students are still in the F0, F1 category. The 2-in-1 classroom model was promptly deployed.

At the preschool level, the pressure to prevent epidemics is even greater because of the part-boarding activities. Lunch time instead of gathering at the cafeteria was held in each class. To avoid the risk of disease outbreaks in schools, special attention is paid to the cooperation with parents.

Determined to bring preschool and primary school children back to school from March 15, however, based on the actual situation of the epidemic situation of each locality, the Hung Yen education sector is making contingency plans for adaptation scenarios.

Also from today, March 21, when the number of COVID-19 infections decreased, some localities sent students back to school directly. Before that, after the Lunar New Year, most localities also opened their schools. However, not long after that, they had to switch to online learning due to an outbreak in schools.

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