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I was harmed but not dead

Recently, at My Thoughts, MC Cat Tuong shared her views on hating each other in life. She said:

“In reality in this life, if anyone makes a grudge against me, then surely in the beginning, I will also hold hatred and hatred in my heart.

MC Cat Tuong: I was harmed but not dead - Photo 1.

MC Cat Tuong and his biological father

Once I have been harmed by another person, or discovered that the person intentionally harmed me, I will not be able to accept it.

Unintentional harm is not said, but many people know in advance that their actions will harm the other person, but for the immediate benefit, they still do it, and then cause pain and ruin the house for others.

I simply say, debt snatching, debt settlement, property appropriation is also one of the actions that can easily cause resentment because it changes other people’s lives.

For example, if I am a creditor, if the debtor deliberately borrows money and does not pay, steals money but still lives in front of me, plays all kinds of games and still refuses to pay the debt, how can I let go of hatred.

I still have to hold grudges, have to ask debt collectors, do all sorts of things to collect my debt. I don’t know how many people in this life when they are in that situation can let go to avoid unjust retribution, but I can’t.”

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When Cat Tuong’s biological father heard that, he immediately commented: “But now, having enemies can’t do anything to people, and enemies should be kept in prison, so they should be forgiven.

When there is a grudge, it means that you can’t do anything for the rest of your life, just focus on that grudge, and then get nothing in the end. I think, no matter what, it should be wise to let go of that hatred, as a passerby.

I’ve had such hatred many times in my life, but then I let it all go. Many people snatched my land, took my things and sold them. Some people are very close to me such as friends, maknae, disciples, but they also cheated on me.

Being cheated like that, I also hated it and went to collect the debt and win it back. But after a while I noticed, it didn’t pay, but I kept looking for it, just wasting my time.

In the past few years, I’ve given up all my ignorance, lost everything I’ve lost, I don’t plan to do anything anymore.”

MC Cat Tuong saw that and said: “In the 45 years of my life, I have made no enmity with anyone, nor have I held a grudge against anyone. I don’t hate anyone, but I do. I hate why that person would treat me like that.

MC Cat Tuong: I was harmed but not dead - Photo 4.

But that hatred also fades over time because I don’t live forever with the past. I accept life and consider it a challenge God has given me. I have to overcome that hatred to live well.

If I was harmed by that person, but today my life is more stuck, worse, I still melancholy, holding that grudge forever. But fortunately, I was harmed but not dead but still alive, better alive.

Besides, many times when people harm me, they die elsewhere. I lost to them but God compensated me with another one. I just thought like that and let it all go.”

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