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ICAR Vietnam designs ICAR Entertainment to replace YouTube Vanced

ICAR Vietnam designed ICAR Entertainment to replace YouTube Vanced - 1

Drivers who use YouTube Vanced are very frustrated because YouTube Vanced doesn’t work anymore.

YouTube Vanced is a mod of the YouTube application that runs on Android phones or screens and tablets. YouTube Vanced allows users to listen to music, work on YouTube without being interrupted by ads and run in the background without buying YouTube Premium.

Most recently, the information that YouTube Vanced is no longer working has disappointed many users, especially drivers. Frequent long trips, using YouTube to listen to music without looking at pictures and running in the background help drivers focus on driving and still have fun.

The application is more convenient than YouTube Vanced

ICAR Vietnam designed ICAR Entertainment to replace YouTube Vanced - 2

The world of multimedia entertainment ICAR Entertainment.

Developer ICAR Vietnam has researched and specifically designed the ICAR Entertainment software that has all the features of YouTube Vanced and also offers more utilities such as:

● The world of general entertainment ICAR Entertainment is designed by ICAR Vietnam according to each topic such as: listening to YouTube music, breaking news, watching TV, radio, VOV, VTV, children’s music…

● Listen to YouTube music, listen to news… without being bothered by ads.

● Run the application in the background: What users love about YouTube Vanced.

● Multitasking with multiple applications at the same time: Listen to YouTube music, watch navigation apps, and watch the smart 360 camera.

● Double click 2 times to switch to full screen view instead of pressing the zoom button. When you want to minimize the screen, just double-click. Along with that, when rewinding on YouTube, it only takes 1 swipe left or right, which is very suitable for drivers on the road.

● Set to automatically open the application when starting the car, and continue to play the last program the user has watched.

● Voice commands ICARV play music just by pressing the button on the steering wheel or the button on the screen.

ICAR Vietnam designs ICAR Entertainment to replace YouTube Vanced - 3

Fast-forward with just a swipe.

ICAR Entertainment is ICAR Vietnam software written specifically for car android screens based on the car usage habits of Vietnamese people to bring the best and smartest experiences to drivers.

If YouTube Vanced only features ad blocking and running in the background, ICAR Entertainment can do much more.

>> Learn more about ICAR Entertainment application here:

Currently, YouTube Vanced is no longer active, so ICAR Vietnam offers all users 1 year free to use the ICAR Entertainment application to replace YouTube Vanced.

Users can access, go to the download directory and search for the ICAR Entertainment application to download and try it out for 1 month. After 1 month, users who want to continue using can create an ICARM Service account for 1 year.

>> Instructions for creating an ICARM Service account can be found here:

For customers who have purchased ICAR products including Android monitor, tire pressure sensor, 360 camera, they will have a longer usage time. Customers only need to activate the product warranty online for themselves, will have an ICARM Service account upon activation to log in to ICAR Entertainment and other ICAR Vietnam software.

Owning a R&D team specializing in designing software for cars

ICAR Vietnam is the leading research and development unit of automotive technology toys in Vietnam. ICAR specializes in providing products such as: Car Android DVD monitor, tire pressure sensor, 360 camera, parking reverse sensor. ICAR Vietnam is also the first and only unit in Vietnam that has a R&D team to research and develop separate applications and software for use exclusively for car android devices.

The software and applications of ICAR research are based on the needs of customers, along with the creativity of the research team, creating the best experience for drivers.

ICAR Entertainment is a general entertainment application of ICAR Vietnam exclusively researched and developed specifically for car android screens. Besides, ICAR also researches and develops many good applications specifically for car android DVD screens such as: ICAR Calendar reminder application, vehicle monitoring application, ICAR Tracking navigation..

ICAR Vietnam designs ICAR Entertainment to replace YouTube Vanced - 4

ICAR Vietnam is a Vietnamese brand, specializing in research and development of products and applications exclusively for Vietnamese people. When using ICAR’s products and applications, customers can be assured of quality, warranty service as well as customer care.

Visit website or contact hotline 0963.780.867 for advice and support in installing ICAR Entertainment and other ICAR Vietnam application products.



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