In marriage, what temperament do men hate the most?

Some people see marriage as a “destination”, with many people marriage as a “grave of love”. In fact, marriage is a journey in which if two people do not work together to develop, renew themselves, and constantly attract each other, the marriage is easy to fall into crisis.

According to statistics, the main cause of divorce in Vietnam is not actually adultery but conflicts in daily life. The lack of understanding about married life, the superficial awareness of family love has led to unnecessary breakdowns.

In a recent survey on Sohu, men gave reasons why they were upset about their spouse.

Mr. Truong (39 years old): I really hate my wife’s hot temper.

“My wife and I met each other through the introduction of relatives in the countryside. Because we are both elderly and our families are suitable, we quickly got married. However, because I did not research carefully, I did not know at all. realizes that his wife is quite hot-tempered, even the smallest things in the house can make her angry and scold everyone.

In marriage, what temperament do men hate the most?  - 3 honest husbands open their hearts - Photo 1.

Many men complain because their wives have a hot temper and lose control easily. Illustration

For example, last week when I forgot to press the button on the rice cooker, my wife got angry and scolded me with terrible words. This really made me feel extremely inhibited and humiliated.

This situation lasted for many years and I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I gave her an ultimatum: If she can’t change her temper, then we’d better live apart.”

Mr. Tieu (44 years old): My wife likes cold violence.

“Many people say that my wife’s temper makes them uncomfortable, but my family is different. My wife must be said to be an ice-cold person.

For him, it is normal for a husband and wife to quarrel at the head of the bed, and at the end of the bed to make up. Two people need to have the opportunity to be frank, release all their frustrations and feelings with each other. But when my wife is angry, she often uses cold war, sometimes even sulking for no reason without even talking to her husband. Even if I actively find the topic, actively make peace, she doesn’t care.

In marriage, what temperament do men hate the most?  - 3 honest husbands open their hearts - Photo 2.

The Cold War is a “double-edged sword” in marriages. Illustration

I was in a constant state of tension, doubt, having to rack my brains over recent events to figure out what was causing my wife’s anger. However, a man who, in everyday life, is sometimes quite indifferent, how can he subtly read all the thoughts and worries in his wife’s head.

I just wish my wife would explode once so we could have a quick, frank conversation with each other.”

Mr. Luu (62 years old): My wife is tired of repeating the same old story over and over

“When I was young, I used to be a flower man with many fierce love affairs. However, after getting married, I changed and always had one heart for my wife.

But my wife was never satisfied with that, she was ready to bring out the past to press me in every argument. This made me extremely upset and frustrated. The past is the past, why can’t my wife understand that the present and the future I have tried to give her all the best?”

In marriage, what temperament do men hate the most?  - 3 honest husbands open their hearts - Photo 3.

Many wives simply… have too good a memory. Illustration


Every tree, every flower, every house, every scene, every family has its own problems and every person has “dark corners”. Finding the perfect half is inherently impossible, so every wife and husband should learn to transform themselves to fit the other.

If any wife accidentally sees herself in the story of the three men above, try to sit down and have a dialogue with your partner, share together, understand each other to change and solve the problem. !

According to Tieu Ngoc

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