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Is “newbie to te” also a target?

Along with the aforementioned news, Sputnik also posted a 51-second video showing the attack in progress.

In the first 10 seconds of the video, a group of gunmen can be seen Ukraine moved to a location believed to be a shooting range, the next seconds was an armored personnel carrier believed to be a BTR carrying the group of gunmen to the barracks.

People Russia waited for the group of gunmen to move into the barracks, waited until evening, and launched a rocket attack. The first missile that exploded far away from the barracks was supposed to hit the armory – and the other was more likely to hit the soldiers inside. The casualties are still unknown.

Video of the missile attack on the training base in Zhytomir (Source: Sputnik/BQP Russia).

In a related development, the Russian Defense Ministry added that it conducted another missile strike on the Novaya Lyubomirka training base in Rovno, Lvov, killing 80 Ukrainian gunmen on the evening of March 21.

Based on the recent series of missile raids such as the incident at the 79th Brigade base in Mykolaiv, the training base in Zhytomir and the latest in the training base in Lvov – it can be seen that the Russian Army is hitting directly at places where recruits of Ukraine are concentrated.

It is not difficult to see the goal of making it impossible for Kiev to replenish the front lines across the north, east and south of the country.

Video of Russian missiles hitting a base in western Ukraine: Are newbies also a target?  - Photo 3.

Map of Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine up to the end of March 21 (Source: British Intelligence).

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