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Julia Ho works hard to practice pole dancing to keep fit-Beauty

Saturday, March 19, 2022 19:00 PM (GMT+7)

The mother-of-one showed off her hot body with a short dress, more curves than the track.

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Julia Ho owns a sexy body, often showing off her figure in tight outfits.

Although no longer active in showbiz, Juila Ho is still a name that receives attention from the online community and fans. Because, she is beautiful and has a sexy body. The liberal fashion style of the queen was dubbed “the most playful in Saigon” for a while making it difficult for viewers to take their eyes off.

In order to confidently promote her glamorous fashion style, Julia Ho pays great attention to exercise and keeping fit. She exercises at home, goes to professional gyms and recently, the mother of one is pursuing pole dance.

In 1968, pole dancing was recorded in Oregon in the US, performed by Belle Jangles of the Mugwumps. The effect quickly spread to Vancouver’s red light district, where pole dancing is common in nightclubs. The women wear various themed costumes, using provocative pole dancing sequences and music. This is also the reason why pole dancing is still viewed with prejudice in the eyes of many people.

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The pillar is very sturdy, capable of holding a weight of more than 100kg.

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The mother-of-one shows off her curves more than the track.

Julia Ho works hard at pole dancing to keep fit - 5

Clothing when practicing pole dancing is recommended to be underwear, swimwear or neat clothes.

In another aspect, pole dance brings a lot of health benefits, helps to lose weight, and has a softer body, so the number of people learning pole dance is increasing day by day.

Modern life, pole dance as a sport, a form of fitness like yoga and gym. However, pole dance requires more skills and is more difficult than other sports. Therefore, to learn pole dance, you need to sign up for classes with a personal trainer.

Despite having a goddess figure, Julia Ho still practices pole dancing as an experience for herself. She performed basic movements, flexing with an iron pillar. The mother-of-one showed off her curves more than the track with tight-fitting outfits.

Before going to the class, you need to stretch your muscles with horizontal splits, vertical splits, neck and arm rotations or wake up muscle areas… Because if your body is not flexible enough, you will have a hard time clinging. on iron poles. The knee joint, the arm joint will be the two main pillars to keep the body firmly attached to the iron column.

After the first session, you will feel pain in the calf area, your hands will be calloused, and your knees will be bruised.

Compared to other sports such as gym, yoga, boxing… pole dancing is also a weight loss choice for many people. Along with fat loss, your muscles will be maximized due to the nature of constant straining, grasping and friction with the pole. Not only your limbs, but also your shoulder, abdominal, thigh muscles… will also be completely tightened, giving you a stronger appearance.

In Saigon, the tuition fee of a pole dancing course is about 1.2 million VND for 8 sessions. Each class lasts 60 minutes and accepts up to 10 students.

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Body like goddess of Julia Ho is the dream of many girls.

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