Man dies because he eats lamb soup every day for breakfast

Professors Chen Yutao, Liu Hongna and colleagues (Suzhou Central Hospital, China) shared about an emergency case of a kidney failure patient with a seemingly harmless breakfast habit.

Specifically, Mr. Zheng (43 years old, living in Suzhou, China) after feeling pain in his pelvis, tightness, and difficulty urinating, his family took him to Suzhou Central Hospital for emergency treatment.

Here, doctors discovered that the amount of uric acid and protein in Mr. Zheng’s urine was abnormal, high blood pressure, a sign of kidney failure. After several hours of emergency, the patient was out of danger.

However, within half a month, Mr. Zheng’s condition worsened and finally did not pass.

After investigating, doctors discovered that almost every day Mr. Zheng eats lamb soup for breakfast. This is the main reason why the patient’s kidney failure becomes serious.

Going to the doctor, he was warned by a doctor about how to eat breakfast to 'recall death', the man ignored it and died after only 15 days - Photo 1.

Hyperuricemia can cause gout, kidney failure,…

The male patient’s family said that Mr. Zheng was the owner of a lamb shop. 3 years ago, when he went to the doctor, the uric acid level in his body was also high, but because he did not have gout, he was subjective and continued to maintain his diet.

What is uric acid?

Uric acid is a heterocyclic compound of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen, formed in the body by the breakdown of purine nuclei. They are then dissolved in the blood, and finally they are carried to the kidneys and excreted in the urine.

Uric acid index has the ability to determine the diagnosis of gout that the patient has or not, clearly reflecting the severity of the patient’s stage.

Uric acid is a product of protein metabolism found in many foods such as animal organs, peas, sea fish or alcoholic beverages such as wine, beer, …

Normally, blood uric acid levels are around 420 micromol/liter in men and 360 micromol/liter in women. If the concentration exceeds this allowable threshold, it will be called hyperuricemia.

What are the harmful effects of high uric acid in the blood?

At the forefront of hyperuricemia are people who have been suffering from gout. When you have gout, there is definitely an increase in uric acid in the blood. However, when the test shows that uric acid in the blood increases, it is not necessarily gout.

Some diseases related to hyperuricemia such as kidney stone disease, chronic kidney failure, multiple myeloma, hemolytic anemia, leukemia, cytotoxic chemicals used in cancer treatment , some people have high blood pressure or diabetes, obesity, hyperlipidemia.

For the elderly, hyperuricemia is even more detrimental. When blood uric acid is increased, if they precipitate and deposit in the heart and vessels, it will cause vasculitis, atherosclerosis, coronary insufficiency, stroke or pericarditis. If precipitated in the head area, it can cause conjunctivitis, iritis, parotid gland inflammation, meningitis.

If precipitated in the genital area, uric crystals cause orchitis, prostatitis. According to a Dutch study, middle-aged patients with gout are more likely to have high blood pressure (43%), hypercholesterolemia (5%) and diabetes (>50%). Therefore, rheumatologists have a new view: gout is an early sign of heart and vascular diseases.

Going to the doctor, he was warned by a doctor how to 'recall death' for breakfast, the man ignored it and died after only 15 days - Photo 2.

Lamb is one of the foods that cause hyperuricemia

Foods that increase blood uric acid

Lamb: This is an extremely high purine food. If consumed for a long time, it will promote the production of uric acid in the body, increasing the metabolic burden of the kidneys. In addition, purines are easily soluble in water, so the purine content in mutton soup does not decrease.

– Seafood: Similarly, seafood is also a food rich in purines, especially those with shells. Eating too much seafood will accelerate the production of uric acid in the body, affecting the health of the kidneys, increasing the risk of kidney disease.

– Animal offal: Pig liver, pig heart and other animal organs are foods that contain high levels of purines. Therefore, people with high uric acid should not eat.

Sour fruits, fermented foods, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts can all increase the rate of uric acid synthesis in the body.

– Alcohol: Has the ability to increase uric acid production in the liver and prevent the kidneys from excreting uric acid.

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