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More shocking than the luxurious style is the beauty is too young

Not owning a cast that is too popular, the movie “Love, Marriage and Divorce” still captured the hearts of many audiences thanks to its thrilling content, quite “lifetime” and many details “laughing out tears”. The series even lasted until the 3rd part and was still expected by the audience for each episode. In the film’s cast, the female lead Park Joo Mi is probably the one most noticed thanks to her beautiful beauty and luxurious charisma. Especially about the fashionthe actress is invested as much as any A-class beauties, making her appearance always satisfying in each scene.

In all three parts “Love, Marriage and Divorce”, Park Joo Mi’s style is quite diverse, but still favors elegance and nobility. Designs such as blouse, shirt skirt, vest or evening dress have done a good job of completing the image of a successful, intelligent and sharp woman of the character Sa Pi Young that she takes on.

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It is not difficult to recognize, most of Park Joo Mi’s costume sets in “Love, Marriage and Divorce” have the appearance of delicately designed jewelry. These are the expensive highlights to help the character’s outfit more glitter, lemongrass. And even when Park Joo Mi wears the most simple outfits, her appearance is not drowned out.

The female lead
The female lead

However, more shocking than the fashion style covered with brands, the convincing acting is the beauty of Park Joo Mi.

Few people expect that actress Park Joo Mi will be 50 years old this year, but her beauty is much younger than this number. Park Joo Mi’s beauty is a blend of sweetness and freshness and gentleness and elegance. In the close-up scenes, Park Joo Mi shines with flawless white skin, almost no wrinkles on her face.

The female lead
The female lead

Going back to the style that the film crew “Love, Marriage and Divorce” built for Park Joo Mi is undeniable, the layered hairstyle, straightened and curled at the ends of the hair has helped her beauty. Park Joo Mi’s color is more youthful. This layered haircut is very on trend, good age hack but still ensures the owner’s elegance and luxury.

The female lead
The female lead

In the movie, dressing well and lemongrass in real life, Park Joo Mi is simpler. The actress usually wears mostly neutral colors. However, thanks to the skillful way of mixing & matching, along with the charisma of the radio, Park Joo Mi always exudes elegance, the true “big sister”.

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