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Mr Ho Nhan is no longer Nanogen’s legal representative

The title of general director and legal representative of Nanogen was transferred to his wife – Mrs. Nguyen Thi Hong Van.

According to the announcement of the change in business registration of the Nanogene Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Joint Stock Company, Mr. Ho Nhan will no longer serve as general director and legal representative of this company from December 29, 2021. Therefore, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Hong Van, wife of Mr. Ho Nhan, be the one to take this position.

As of the end of March 2021, Mr. Nhan is still the largest shareholder of the business with nearly 59.6% ownership, and Ms. Van owns 14.6% of Nanogen’s capital.

Nanogen was founded in September 1997, with total assets at the end of 2020 reaching more than 1,400 billion, leasing capital of more than 800 billion.

Nanogen is one of three units currently researching a Covid-19 vaccine in Vietnam. Listed as a bright candidate to realize Vietnam’s dream of a Covid-19 vaccine, Nanogen has long been recognized as a pharmaceutical manufacturing company with specialized drug and biologic product lines.

On websiteThe company introduces itself as the first successful researcher, developer and application of biotechnology advances in Vietnam. The main achievements of this business stem from the production of pharmaceutical ingredients and finished products for specific injections from the Asia-Pacific region’s leading recombinant DNA/protein technology.

The founder and head of this business since its establishment is Mr. Ho Nhan. Raised in New York, Nhan earned a doctorate in biotechnology from the University of Arizona. Share with forbes, He said he had 20 years of research in biotechnology abroad before returning to Vietnam to set up a company that manufactures biotherapy drugs.

Apart from his knowledge in biotechnology, Mr. Ho Nhan has worked in finance. He served as the Board of Directors of Vina Securities Company (VNSC) in the period 2013-2016. The biotechnologist is known for his experience in the financial sector, through mergers and acquisitions in the pharmaceutical, hospital and medical device fields in the US and Hong Kong.

According to KIS’ 2019 financial report, the company spent nearly VND 11.6 billion for 162,500 Nanogen shares in capital raises in the same year, equivalent to a valuation of more than VND 71,000 per share. Based on this price, Nanogen’s valuation is around 5,100 billion VND.

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