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New research: Dog therapy – An effective pain reliever

These are the results of a study published on March 9.

According to the results of research on the effectiveness of support treatment from dogs, which the dog lover It has long been believed around the world that canine affection cures all diseases and brings optimism to patients, while supporting healthcare providers who are struggling to cope. struggling with limited hospital resources amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Research shows that pets are an important part of our health in different ways. They motivate us, they help us “wake up”, create (for us) habits, the relationship between humans and animals“, said Colleen Dell, a professor at the University of Saskatchewan who led the One Health and Wellness study.

The study, published in the journal PLOS One, asked more than 200 emergency room patients to report their pain levels on a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being the highest pain). One control group received no pain-relieving interventions, while the participants in the other group were given therapy dog for 10 minutes and the patient reassessed their pain level. People who received dog therapy said they felt less pain.

The study has a strong methodology, but noted that there is still a lot to learn about therapy dogs:The results of the study are very promising. Our current understanding of the impact of therapy dog ​​visits in emergency settings is rather limited. Therefore, it is especially important to have more research in this area“.

New research: Therapy with dogs - An effective pain reliever - Photo 1.

Interacting with dogs can provide effective pain relief. (Photo: CNN)

Professor Dell hopes that studies like this show that we can stop questioning whether therapy dogs are helpful, and start asking instead how and how they support therapy. to better combine them with healthcare teams.

Erin Beckwell, a dog owner who has experienced chronic pain her entire life, says the emergency room lights, the thrill of long waits, anxiety, and focus on the immediate immediate condition. Time can make the pain feel worse.

Some people have the misconception that using a therapy dog ​​can cause disease transmission and hygiene risks in the hospital. However, says Professor Dell, healthcare providers can use this four-legged friend in hygienic ways to make the whole system work better.

Mike MacFadden, a nurse in Canada, says he sees a lot of potential in incorporating therapy dogs as part of a comprehensive pain management approach in the emergency room, and it could help all. everyone involved.

McFadden said: “The presence of a therapy dog ​​is not only beneficial in assisting patients, but I think it also brings comfort to care providers.“.

Meanwhile, Michelle Gagnon, an associate professor of psychology and health studies at the University of Saskatchewan, says pain can be seen as both a physical and social experience. Supported or dismissed anxiety and depression can all affect the way we experience pain. It makes sense that spending time with a being that brings you joy and doesn’t deprive you of emotions can help you feel better.

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