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“Old silver” Nadal causes his opponent to fall on the net, Fritz 1m96 “collects debt” with his eyes

(Sports news, tennis news) Two doubles on the grid of the Indian Wells 2022 final, the win is divided equally between the two.


Two double situations on the final net Indian Wells 2022

Rafael Nadal has not been able to win the 37th Masters 1,000 title in his career after his loss in the Indian Wells 2022 final to Taylor Fritz (USA), but what the 35-year-old tennis player did at the beginning of the 2022 season is extraordinary.

"Old Silver"  Nadal made the opponent fall on the net, Fritz 1m96 "debt collection"  eye-catching - 1

Nadal (left) is “old silver” when actively on the net, but turns “lamb” when passive in other situations later

In the match where Rafa was not in the best shape, “Gaur” still played fair with an opponent 11 years younger than him. There are countless beautiful ball phases cut separately by ATP and 2 doubles on the net that make a strong impression on viewers.

In the first set, Nadal proactively went to the net full of experience, before placing the ball, causing the opponent to lean over and still lose in this situation.

Set 2, when the ball accidentally hit the net and stepped up in an unprepared position, the “Gaur” controlled the ball somewhat frantic and created conditions for the young player to put the ball easily into the open field.

Two “tit-for-tat” nets is a unique feature in the final of Indian Wells 2022.

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