On the wedding day, the ex-wife brought her children to fight, the truth made the bride run away

I thought that when I told the truth my ex-wife would be humiliated, I would have ruined my own wedding.

In the first years of marriage, I had a good life happy But when I found out my wife was having an affair, I divorced. After going to court, she got custody of the children, and I often visited the children and provided money.

When I had a lover, my mother said that when my girlfriend was older, it would be difficult to have children, so she waited to get pregnant before thinking about getting married. Listening to my mother, for the whole year we had sex without using any contraception, but we still couldn’t get pregnant.

We went to the doctor and discovered the sad truth, I was infertile and could not bear children. So why am I having a child with my ex-wife? Right after that I went to have a paternity DNA test, I was very hurt to find out that it was not my son. So for 6 years I have raised another man’s child, it’s too humiliating.

Because the couple is divorced, even talking about it won’t solve anything. Since then, I neither send money nor visit my son anymore. After my girlfriend broke up, I got acquainted with Nga and we dated for 3 months before we decided to get married.

On the wedding day, the ex-wife took the child to abuse, the truth made the bride run away-1

On the day of the new wife’s wedding, the ex-wife took her children to the front door and demanded that I give her unpaid child support this year. If I don’t give it, she will leave the child, not raise it anymore.

I didn’t want to mess with my ex-wife, so I leaned in to her ear and told her that I was infertile, unable to have children, that child is another man’s child. If you don’t want to lose face, take the quail out of my house.

I thought my ex-wife would be embarrassed to leave, but who would have thought that she would scream and tell everyone that I was infertile. Unfortunately, Nga overheard and asked me back, unable to hide my secret, I had to tell the truth and hope my wife would understand. But Nga threw flowers at me and ran away from the wedding, leaving me alone to watch helplessly.

Yesterday, I went to convince Nga to come back to my house to live, in the future the couple will take care of the medical treatment. Nga did not agree, saying that infertility treatment is very expensive and does not want to spend money on children.

I love Russia very much but I don’t know how to convince her to come back to my husband’s house?

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