Revealing 1 securities company participating in capital contribution to Nanogen

Nanogen became one of the most talked about keywords today along with the former CEO of this business, Mr. Ho Nhan, who is entangled in an emotional scandal with a female singer.

Nanogen is an enterprise operating in the field of biopharmaceuticals, established in 1977. The company’s main field is the production of biopharmaceutical raw materials and finished injectable drugs from DNA and protein technology. Recombinant.

In the shareholder structure of Nanogen, there are many foreign shareholders, mainly individuals and legal entities from Korea. In addition, there is a securities company in Vietnam participating in ownership with a share rate of 0.23%. That is KIS Vietnam Securities Joint Stock Company.

According to the company’s audited 2020 financial statements, Kiss is recording an investment in Nanogen with the original price of VND 11,575 billion, the fair value according to the assessment is also VND 11,575 billion.

A securities company with capital contribution in the enterprise is involved in a serious love scandal - Photo 1.

Excerpt from the 2020 audited financial statements of KIS . CK JSC

This investment was accounted for from 2019, accounting for a very small proportion compared to the company’s total short-term assets (0.19%) as of December 31, 2020. The company’s financial statements for 2021 have not been audited and have detailed numbers, so it is not clear how much this investment will be until the end of 2021.

According to information on the company’s website, Kiss Vietnam Securities Company was established in December 2010 by Korea Investment and Securities Co., Ltd. invested with Vietnam Textile and Garment Group and other shareholders. The company’s charter capital is 3,761 billion VND.

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