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Screenwriter Hoang Tich Chi passed away at the age of 90

Screenwriter Hoang Tich Chi was born on September 1, 1931, in Tan Hong commune, Tien Son district, Bac Ninh province. His family has many famous people such as journalist Hoang Tich Chu as the eldest brother, painter Hoang Tich Chu as second brother, and third brother, playwright Hoang Tich Linh.

Since 1946, he was enlightened to the revolution and worked as a scout in Ty Liem to launch Bac Giang. In 1956, he worked as Head of the Department of Culture and Arts of Bac Giang Province. In 1961, he started to study scriptwriting class of Vietnam Film School and graduated in 1963. Since 1964, screenwriter Hoang Tich Chi worked as Editor-in-Chief of Vietnam Film Studio, then held the position of Director. Film Studio I.

Screenwriter Hoang Tich Chi died, aged 90 - 1

Screenwriter Hoang Tich Chi was honored at the 2015 Golden Kite Award ceremony (Photo: Sports and Culture)

He is the leading screenwriter of Vietnamese cinema, the scriptwriter of many classic films of Vietnamese cinema such as “The 17th parallel of day and night”, “Baby Hanoi”, “City at dawn”. winter”, “First love”, “Sac forest flower”, “Calling sea”, “Death coordinates”…

Many of his works have received major awards in the field of cinema, such as the Golden Lotus of the Vietnam Film Festival in 1975, the Silver Lotus of the Vietnam Film Festival in 1970, 1973, the Silver Award of the Italian Film Festival, Grand Prize – Special Golden Dove, Hybrid Film Festival/German Democratic Republic.

In 2012, screenwriter Hoang Tich Chi was awarded the Ho Chi Minh Prize for Literature and Art by the State for the works “On the 17th parallel” (screenplay for feature films); “Calling Sea” (film script); “Seventeen Days and Nights” (1st feature screenwriter); “Hanoi Baby” (first scriptwriter of feature film); “First love” (first screenwriter of a feature film); “City at Dawn” (documentary first scriptwriter). He is the first screenwriter to receive this award.

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