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SEA Games 31 with the sports spirit of solidarity ‘For a stronger Southeast Asia’

SEA Games 31 with the sports spirit of solidarity ‘For a stronger Southeast Asia’
The opening ceremony of the 31st SEA Games will take place on May 12 at My Dinh National Stadium; The closing ceremony will take place on May 23, at the Palace of Athletics in Hanoi. Photo: VNA

Promoting solidarity and friendliness in ASEAN

The official song of the 31st SEA Games titled “Let’s Shine” (English name is Let’s shine) composed by musician Huy Tuan has been announced by the Organizing Committee.

The song has a joyful, strong sound, creates a sense of atmosphere and brings a sense of pride for the 31st Southeast Asian Games held in Vietnam. At the same time, the lyrics of the song clearly show the heroic spirit and pride in the country, culture and people of Vietnam. The song includes both Vietnamese and English choruses with the meaning of promoting sportsmanship, relentless efforts to achieve the highest achievement. The song also conveys a message of development, solidarity and friendliness between Vietnam and international friends with the slogan of the 31st SEA Games – “For a stronger Southeast Asia”.

Deputy Director General of the General Department of Physical Education and Sports Le Thi Hoang Yen assessed that the song is meant to encourage the spirit of athletes, towards the Games at Vietnam’s home ground, and also to expand the competition. welcome international friends to Vietnam. The lyrics of the song are simple, familiar, easy to remember, everyone can sing together, and spread the message of love of sport to a large number of international friends for a stronger Southeast Asia.

Musician Huy Tuan shared that he was very proud that his work was selected among hundreds of submissions to the Organizing Committee. This is also the gift that the musician gives to the athletes with the feelings of a sports lover, admiring the athletes, who have tried their best to practice and compete to bring glory home. for the Fatherland…

The official slogan (slogan) of SEA Games 31- “For a stronger Southeast Asia” will always be associated with the events of the Games in order to convey the message to the Government and people. The people of Southeast Asian countries unite together, build a strong ASEAN community, and more strongly promote the role of ASEAN in the international arena.

Spread good values ​​to international friends

Along with the official song of the 31st SEA Games, the SEA Games 31 identity set including the logo (icon), mascot (mascot), images of the icons of the sports… also play an important role in communication. , spreading good values ​​to international friends and countries participating in the 31st SEA Games.

According to the Organizing Committee, the logo of the Games originates from the idea of ​​​​an athlete placing his right hand on his left chest (the heart and the national flag) and playing the National Anthem before each round of competition – before each match. standing on the podium, is a moment of overwhelming pride, emotional and spiritual. The hand is also a symbol of perseverance, diligence and the effort to overcome all challenges and limitations. The image of the hand has created an endless source of inspiration in the arts of poetry, song, music, painting… and has become a symbol of kindness, humanity and noble will.

According to the Organizing Committee, the hand is shaped with the characteristics of fingers stylized with soft strokes mixed with zigzag strokes, to represent the race track, podium, will and strength, and express the spirit. sports flexibility – transformation, erection – flexibility, dynamic – static of athletes. And all the strokes – arrays are systematically combined, blended together to create the winning “V-hand” (Vietnam/Victory) image, which is also the image of “flying pigeon” through which conveys the message of the extraordinary will, the desire to conquer and the spirit of sportsmanship. Sports is an event of convergence, competition, shining together, an opportunity to show the spirit of solidarity, respect and mutual understanding, all for the cause of sports in Southeast Asia, for world peace. and happy.

The logo of the Games also has the meaning of sports regardless of who you are, where you come from, like a hand that does not distinguish between short fingers and long fingers. Each finger has its own strength and sport is not simply to compete, conquer aspirations, set records, but more noble than to write miracles together, the miracle of spreading good energy. , towards peace like the wings of a dove.

Saola was chosen as the mascot of the 31st SEA Games. Saola also known as “Asian Unicorn” is known as one of the rarest animals in the world living in the mountains of Vietnam and Laos (single number of animals). ). Saola was first discovered in the world in Vietnam in May 1992 during a survey conducted by the Ministry of Forestry of Vietnam and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in Vu Quang National Park. Later, saola was also found elsewhere in the range of Truong Son forest in Nghe An, Ha Tinh, Thua Thien – Hue, Quang Nam and many provinces of Laos.

Saola is classified as endangered in the Red Book of Vietnam. According to the Organizing Committee, through the saola symbol, international friends will know more about the very special values ​​that nature has bestowed on Vietnam. The image of saola evokes friendliness, agility, and vivacity, suitable for nature and sports activities.

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