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Singer Crystal insults Hien Ho’s dependent brother?

Pha Le not only named the incident, but netizens think that she is catching a trend related to Hien Ho.

In the midst of the time when the keyword “Brothers to rely on” related to the drama Hien Ho is hot on MXH, Crystal Recently there was an interesting sharing.

Posting a photo of her pampering her daughter, the singer wrote: “I had a broken bone by a snail… I really need a brother to lean on. Brothers have each other…”.

Singer Crystal insults Hien Ho's brother-in-law?-1Singer Crystal insults Hien Ho's brother who relies on him?-2
Sharing the attention of Pha Le.

Sharing with reference to Pha Le’s phrase “reliable brothers” has become a hotly discussed topic.

Although she did not name any incident, a part of netizens thought that she was catching the trend of “taking refuge” from the scandal of her juniors.

Chatting with everyone, Crystal dangled: “It’s so itchy, I dare to endure it, go around the Three Kingdoms, if I don’t show it, I’ll accept it”.

She is said to mock the male lead in the scandal. However, all of this is just the judgment of netizens.

Singer Crystal insults Hien Ho's brother-in-law?-3
Crystal with strong statements.

On the evening of March 20, social networks spread the image of Hien Ho having a series of intimate gestures with Mr. Ho Nhan – General Director of Nanogen Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Joint Stock Company.

The series of photos made the public skeptical about the relationship of the two, claiming that they were dating.

Singer Crystal insults Hien Ho's brother-in-law?-4Singer Crystal insults Hien Ho's brother-in-law?-5
The series of photos caused a stir by Hien Ho.

Suspected of having an affair with a young female singer, Mr. Ho Nhan officially responded. Share with Zing.vnthe giant 6X affirmed that the two were just “cousins”, “relying on each other”, considering each other as brothers in the family.

Toward Hien Hocurrently she has not made any statement about this, just quietly “closed” social networking sites.

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