Telling the pain of being robbed by someone else, after 2 years, it earned 48 million views

Recently, Hien Ho is a name mentioned repeatedly after she got involved in a love drama with CEO Nanogen Ho Nhan, son-in-law of the Son Kim family. However, before that, Hien Ho was also a promising singer in showbiz with many pop-ballad songs that were well received by young people such as: Don’t say I’m crazy, Get married, Need a distance…

The most prominent among her songs up to the present time is “Yes as without”. At the time of its release, this MV once reached the top 3 trending YouTube and received 1.1 million views after only 9pm of release.

The highest MV of Hien Ho's music career: Telling the pain of being robbed by someone else, after 2 years, it has earned 48 million views - Photo 1.

Through her emotional voice, Hien Ho conveys the mood of a girl who is suffering from hurt and disappointment when giving her love and trust to the wrong person.

In the MV, Hien Ho plays a married woman who always takes care of her family with all her heart, giving all her love to her husband (played by actor Huy Tran). In the first half of the MV, the audience is “fooled” by the happy and sweet moments of the young couple when Hien Ho and Huy Tran together take care of the flower garden, go for a walk on the beach…

The marriage began to fall apart when the wife saw her husband with another man (played by actor Nguyen Duy).

Although she endured her husband in each argument to preserve this love, the wife really “exploded” when she saw the room full of emotional images of her husband and other men. After discovering that she was betrayed, she had to go through the days of stalemate, suffering and crying when she recalled the good memories of the past.

More specifically, Hien Ho chose a rather strange ending for the MV by organizing an exhibition of paintings with the theme of same-sex love, and invited both his ex-husband and his lover to attend. These are all works the girl drew in the days she knew she was betrayed.

Up to now, this is the MV with the best views on Hien Ho’s official YouTube channel, with 48 million views after 2 years of release. Some other MVs also have quite good achievements such as: Meet but don’t stay (38 million views), Don’t say I’m crazy (28 million views),…

It is known that Hien Ho has a not-so-well-off family. She was born in a family of 6 siblings and her father died early. Hien Ho’s career path began in 2015, when she reached the top 4 of competitions Singing TV. After that, Hien Ho officially moved from his hometown of Buon Ma Thuot to Ho Chi Minh City to study culture, seek opportunities to study music and sing at the tea room to gain experience. Although the salary is only 150,000 VND when she sings dozens of songs in one night, she is still happy that there is an audience to see her perform.

In 2016, Hien Ho tried his hand at the 2016 Mysterious Factor contest but failed to make an impression and only ended up in the top 24.

Coming out of the runner-up title Vietnamese voice In 2017, Hien Ho pursues ballad music with lyrical melodies and deep lyrics. Her debut songs were well received by the public as I was different in the past, Then the loved one also turned into a stranger. In 2018, at the Zing Music Awards 2018, Hien Ho was named in the category “New Artist of the Year”.

From 2019 to now, Hien Ho has continuously released many new songs and also collaborated with some singers such as Thieu Bao Tram, Vuong Anh Tu, Bui Anh Tuan…She was well received by the public because of her voice. warm, plus beautiful appearance.

Until the sex scandal with CEO Ho Nhan broke out, Hien Ho almost disappeared from social networks. She locked Facebook, Instagram and turned off the comment feature under YouTube’s MVs. nam-thu-ve-48-trieu-view-20220321123553163.chn

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