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The beautiful story of music and happiness that will be told forever by musician Hong Dang

The beautiful story of music and happiness that will be told forever by musician Hong Dang
Musician Hong Dang passed away, making music lovers extremely sad.

After, Flower milk beyond a movie, becoming one of the best pieces about Hanoi through the full and passionate voice of diva Thanh Lam.

Every autumn, many Hanoians keep singing: “Milk flower is still sweet in the street at night. Maybe I forgot you”, on the small streets.

The sea sings this afternoon been sung a lot over the years when aggressive enemies expanded the East Sea. Sensual words, earnest melodies: “Oh Vietnamese sea, Vietnamese waves. Through many ups and downs, this afternoon is still gentle. Bury the bottom of what hurts…”

In addition to his fortune with many famous songs, musician Hong Dang’s musical career also has many massive instrumental works in the contemporary Vietnamese musical heritage.


Many years ago, every few weeks, Uncle Dang and Thuy (his wife, I chose to call myself uncle and sister) used to meet me for coffee. Especially the time before and after your show Floating by the sea.

Or sometimes go to their house outside the Red River dike to eat delicious dishes that Thuy cooks.

Sister Thuy has spent her whole life working as the uncle’s rear, taking care of everything so that he can rest assured to go on his musical path.

In the early 2000s, amidst the chaos of the music market, a musician held a private concert with great success in Hanoi. To have that success, most of the worries are from Ms. Thuy, for all stages, big or small.

Later, when he became ill and had difficulty walking, Thuy was like his legs, like the part of his health that he had lost, so that he could live happily every moment for the rest of his life.


In fact, I also often find Uncle Dang because he likes fortune telling. And fortune-tellers are rarely wrong. Guessing is also less wrong, for example, when two teams go out to the field, you say which team loses, that team will not be able to lose in that football match.

Uncle Dang laughs, talks witty, and is very attentive. Anyone who meets him for no reason will receive gifts, sometimes a lighter, sometimes a very unique ballpoint pen.

Before I went to Saigon on business, I never thought of leaving Hanoi. He said: “Vu went in there this time and after a few months will go in completely. Trust me!”.

I tried to see if he was wrong when back then, my life in Hanoi was stable and quite interesting. But a surprise: A few months later, I completely settled in Saigon.

Before leaving, I went over to greet my uncle and sister Thuy. I gave you the lighter and the music Night Memories at the beginning. Uncle said: If you go there, life will be very good, despite the turbulence in the first 5 years.

Looking back now: That’s right.


Actually, out of all his songs, my favorite is Night Memories.

A song with a beautiful melody, a very wide range, not all singers can sing, without good vocal technique and a life full of experiences.

Because that song is like wrapping up a whole person’s life, listening to the echoes of the past and asking me what is left: Do you still love me, do my friends love me, are there any happy lives left? forgotten memories are lost.

Before his death, actor Ngoc Bao recorded this song. He sang and cried in the studio while the song was like slow-motion videos of the bittersweet moments of his life spanning two centuries: “My friends who loved me so much, lovers who loved me so much, my memory flickering like smoke…”.

Later, Ms. Thanh Lam sang this song, the woman’s voice went through many ups and downs as if wrapping all emotions and feelings, not just memories.


I had an appointment with Ms. Thuy and Uncle Dang to visit once, but then forgot about it no matter how many times I went to Hanoi. I am a bit indifferent to a beautiful and warm memory that passed through my life.

It’s too late, from far away I have to say goodbye. Please share this loss to Ms. Le Anh Thuy The sea sings this afternoonalways cherishing the beautiful love and warm happiness of sister and uncle, brought a story of worries, gratitude, family lessons for everyone…

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