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The child drank the wrong 502 glue, the mother quickly poured one more thing into her mouth, the doctor praised: Too smart!

502 is the glue bottle used in many families. However, it is also a dangerous item for everyone due to its lethal nature, especially small children who are not aware of the danger.

A mother in China recently shared her story as a lesson for all. He said that his 2-year-old son was admitted to the hospital in Handan, China in a sweaty state from his previous accident. She told the doctors that her son had bitten off the 502 glue bottle left on the living room table and the 502 plague had spread to his mouth. It is not known whether it spread to the throat or not.

The child drank the wrong 502 glue, the mother quickly poured one more thing into her mouth, the doctor praised: Too smart!  - first

After examining her, the doctors asked her what she did with the baby after that. The mother stammered, because she had read about first aid methods in the paper before, so she did. In particular, seeing that his son had just picked up the wrong 502 glue, he quickly took a glass of water and poured it into his son’s mouth and forced the child to vomit. Do this several times and then wipe your child’s mouth with a towel before going to the hospital.

Doctor gives praise “So smart” for Mother. Because of the correct way of first aid, her child is no longer in danger. Damage to the gums and teeth is only very small.

The child drank the wrong 502 glue, the mother quickly poured one more thing into her mouth, the doctor praised: Too smart!  - 2

Doctors also say, 3 important steps to take if your child accidentally swallows 502 glue:

– Gargle with water

– Wipe the child’s mouth with a wet cloth

– Immediately take the child to the doctor.

Not only 502 glue but many other items in the house can also cause serious injury to children, parents need to be vigilant.

Water containers such as bathtubs, fish tanks, etc.

Most bathroom items like washing machines, buckets, bathtubs… even fish tanks are potentially dangerous for young children. These are usually items used to store water, and young children like to struggle. However, as long as the mother loses control of her baby, it can lead to a life-threatening accident if she falls accidentally.

Advice for moms:

– When the washing machine is not in use, close the cover and remove the plug to cut off electricity. The best way is to install a child restraint lock.

– When bathing the baby, the mother should not take advantage of other activities. After showering, make sure to empty the basin and close the bathroom door.

– If using a bucket, the water container must have a lid

– The toilet door is equipped with a child safety lock and is locked when not in use, besides that the toilet must also be closed.

Sockets, electrical appliances

The first rule is to keep power plugs out of reach of children. This is very necessary because children at the stage of crawling and walking will easily move to places that have electrical outlets. Naughty nature wants to know that babies can put their hands down or use metal objects to get them into the nest, which is very dangerous.

Therefore, parents should always supervise their children, pay attention to the following safety measures to avoid bad situations.

– Designed for wall sockets and electrical panels, with a safety cover to keep children from putting their hands or metal objects into the outlet.

– Do not place anything containing water near electrical outlets.

– We recommend that you do not place the power outlet in a place where children often play.

– Bathrooms and kitchens are equipped with wall sockets with anti-shock devices or plastic insulation that can prevent short circuits.

– Power supplies, plugs, sockets and household appliances must be replaced immediately if damaged.

– When not using electrical equipment, unplug the power cord and arrange it neatly.

The child drank the wrong 502 glue, the mother quickly poured one more thing into her mouth, the doctor praised: Too smart!  - 3

TV cabinet

The truth is that children always love to climb and explore, stairs or furniture like bookcases, cupboards and cupboards all attract attention. Baby can climb easily without any problem.

However, large and heavy objects, if not placed firmly, run the risk of falling onto the body and causing injury to the baby. For security, this item must be secured to the wall using brackets or large hinges.

In addition, mothers should pay attention to the selection of furniture with the right size, not too big, easy to occupy space and dangerous for children. Also, organize your closet neatly by placing heavy items at the bottom and lighter items at the top.

curtain zipper

As a familiar item in every family, window blinds are designed with zippers to meet the comfort factor. However, this is really a great danger for families with small children because even the slightest neglect can threaten the life of the child.

When playing, the baby is at risk of being rolled over by the curtains, causing the airway and blood circulation to be blocked, resulting in unconsciousness or death.

According to Dr. Joe O’Neil – a professor of clinical pediatrics at Riley Hospital in Indiana (USA), if children are caught from the neck to the curtain strings, they can die in a very short time. Within 15 seconds of being tied to the neck, the child can lose consciousness and cause death within 2-3 minutes if not rescued in time.

Advice for moms:

If possible, remove the curtains, or use a zipper so as not to harm children. With older children, inform them of the dangers and help them realize their own protection.

Thermos or kettle

Burns are a common problem in young children because their delicate skin is more easily affected. Children with burns have to face scars and sequelae depending on the severity. Parents should pay more attention, to avoid unwanted accidents that come from familiar household appliances such as flasks, kettles, lighters…

Advice for moms:

– Do not use the kettle where children often play and do not allow children to approach when the kettle is plugged in.

– The kettle and thermos should be kept out of reach of children

– Hot water faucet must be locked when not needed.

– Matches and heaters should be stored neatly when not in use.

Furniture sharp corner

Objects with sharp and sharp edges such as tables, chairs, wardrobes, etc. can injure the child if they hit it. Because young children react so quickly, even adults cannot stop them. At such times, it is inevitable for the baby to bump into the sharp edges of tables and chairs.

A few notes for parents when choosing to buy furniture, avoid designs with sharp edges or try to cover the corners so as not to harm the baby. Also, don’t let children play or jump off the couch or bed onto the floor. Do not place obstacles in places where children often play and walk.

Small things

Small objects like buttons, batteries, etc. become dangerous if the baby puts them in the ears or swallows them in the stomach, causing suffocation, even life threatening.

In addition, small fruits such as grapes, blueberries, nuts … when feeding the baby, the mother should also pay attention so that the child does not choke. It is better for mothers to tell children the difference between food and toys so that children do not carelessly put them in their mouths.

When feeding baby, be very focused, don’t tease, make baby laugh or run and jump while eating. In case of a choking child, it is necessary to properly administer first aid to push the foreign object out, absolutely not to feed or drink water.

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