The earthquake caused a huge crack on the highway at midnight and dawn, it was completely repaired

At 11:36 pm on March 16, a large earthquake struck the Tohoku area, northeast of Japan. The earthquake caused a lot of damage, including huge cracks on the Tohoku Expressway. The cracks ran through a section of the road between the Kunimi and Shiroishi exits, resulting in the entire road being immediately blocked.

Central Nippon Expressway Company, or NEXCO Central for short, the unit responsible for this expressway section immediately closed the section and posted notices on social media and even on Twitter. .

Their announcement tweet also includes a polite apology: “Repairs are expected to take time. We apologize for this inconvenience.”

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Road with huge cracks after the earthquake.

However, at 3:44 pm on March 17, this unit posted on Twitter that it had fixed the problem, as well as officially reopened the highway.

“Due to the earthquake, the roads were closed after 11:36 last night and the Tohoku Expressway was closed before that. We apologize for this inconvenience. The closure was lifted following emergency restoration work. Be careful while driving.”

Based on the timing of the announcement, that means these major cracks have all been patched and qualified to operate the road in as little as 16 hours. In fact, another tweet from NEXCO was posted at 7:45 am on March 17 and shows that the road is already in its original state. That means the actual repair time has been encapsulated in about 8 hours.

Japanese construction class: The earthquake caused a giant crack on the highway at midnight and dawn, which was completely overcome - Photo 2.

The road was patched up after a few hours.

It is unclear whether these are just polite announcements, or the company is implicitly bragging about its ability to work at high speeds. However, whatever the real reason, it seems that no one online cares because the amazing results are the most important.

“Amazing! The repair was really quick!”

“Honestly, I did think this would take longer. Thank you for your hard work!”

“It was not an inconvenience at all. If this were a worse disaster, your hard work and skills will help speed up the relief process. Thanks very much.”

Remember, highway repair isn’t as simple as pouring concrete or asphalt into cracks. Once repaired, they need to pass the local government’s mandatory safety checks for damaged highways before and after repair. Also remember, the preparation of materials, equipment and labor… was all done at midnight so that everything was perfect at dawn.

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