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The golf course is taken advantage of

Originally a place to play a sport, the golf course has now become a place considered by many to be a place to take virtual photos and create relationships with the rich.

“The aristocratic sport” or “the hobby of the rich” is often a phrase many people use to describe golf. This comes from the costs involved to start playing this sport are quite expensive, from the cost of costumes and equipment to tuition fees, yard rental fees or membership cards.

Also because the golf course is often associated with the image of rich players, in addition to sports purposes, many people begin to see this as a place to serve their own purposes, from polishing images to finding lovers and relationships. generation.


“For people my age, golf is a place to brag a little, so we tend to choose to buy famous brands even if they are expensive. When the Covid-19 epidemic broke out again, I planned to play golf in February 2022 instead of going abroad,” Suh ​​Soo-min (30 years old) told Korea JoongAng Daily.

For many young people in Korea like Suh, golf is becoming a trend on social media and is also an ideal place to take photos. Many people are not afraid to spend large sums of money to buy trendy golf wear or famous brands.

Go to the golf club but ao anh 1
go to golf club 2

For many young people, the golf course is the ideal place to take photos of virtual life. Illustration: golf_fashion_urban.

During a shopping spree at a mall in early December 2021, Suh spent 600,000 won on a set of golf wear, including a golf vest, thermal vest and hat.

LF, Samsung C&T and Kolon Industries FnC are also targeting MZ generation customers – a term that refers to both Millennials (born 1981-1995) and Gen Z (born 1996-2005) – in related services to the “rich man’s sport” in the land of kimchi.

“The MZ generation attaches great importance to posting photos on social media and seems willing to buy expensive products,” said an employee of FnC.

Go to the golf club but ao anh 3

Korea appeared a prostitution service disguised as a golf friend. Illustration: Dreamstime.

In another corner, the golf course is also a hiding place for some illegal activities such as prostitution. According to Korea Timesmany online brokers in the country offer services that appear to be pairing golf companions but are in fact connecting sex buyers and sellers.

Brokers often do not explicitly state the sale of sex, but imply by using phrases related to golf, such as “after” and “handi”.

Accordingly, “after” refers to the sexual service provided by prostitutes after the couple finishes golfing, while “handi” – short for “handicap”, refers to the golfer’s score – re means the cost of buying sex.

After the client contacts the broker via social media and appoints the woman he wants to “go golf” with, he will receive a text message informing about the services included, the price. Customers can choose the duration of service use, from 1, 2 days to longer.

“In order to root out this type of crime, it is important to demonstrate what the purpose of ‘golf meetings’ is,” he said. Yonhap quote a lawyer.

“Go to the golf course to find a rich man”

On many websites or dating advice posts, “golf course” is always in the top places to go for girls who want to find a rich life partner, besides charity parties, luxury spas or weddings. Auction.

“Golf is a sport not everyone can play. If you want to meet rich men, go to the golf course. Remember to check the dress code to look your best when you come,” page Amolife Write.

Go to the golf club but ao anh 4

The golf course is considered a place where many wealthy men hang out. Illustration: Kyle Lanzer.

A post on the page Hub Pages He also gives advice if you can’t play golf and can’t afford to join the club, applying for a part-time job right at the golf course is also a way to reach the super rich.

“You may have the opportunity to meet the same group of men two to three times a week and gently strike up a conversation. Regardless of how you get to the golf course, remember how to play and try to play well. You won’t leave an impression and be easily seen as a miner if you don’t know or care about the sport.”

Still follow Paired Lifeif working at the water bar or the reception area at the golf course, or just a position that can be viewed, observed and seen often, the girls can know who has the most money, who is proud. most liberal or who is married.

“Rich men are more inclined to ask dating with a face he knows and can converse comfortably with them,” the page reads.

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