The humiliating end of the giants

Most of the billionaires who are exposed to adultery have a bad ending, “light” is ridiculed, criticized, heavy, their career is destroyed.

Jeff Bezos

In 2019, the news that billionaire Jeff Bezos and his wife divorced after 25 years of marriage surprised the world public. More notably, the Amazon boss is said to have had an affair with Lauren Sanchez – a TV MC who was still not officially divorced at the time.

Just a day before the National Enquirer published pictures of the “wet” text messages and “hot” photos that Bezos sent to his lover, Bezos and his wife, MacKenzie, announced their separation. Needless to say, everyone implicitly understood that this breakdown had the impact of the appearance of a third party.

The humiliating end of the giants brothers and sisters rely on with the minor tam: People whose careers have gone up in smoke, those who have been cuckolded backwards - Photo 1.

In the public eye, Ms. MacKenzie is the wife who accompanied Bezos from when he was just an ordinary businessman to the day he became the world’s top billionaire, owning a fortune worth hundreds of billions of dollars. Before the affair scandal broke out, Bezos was still admired by many people because he once shared that he still washed the dishes every night. Therefore, when the relationship between Bezos and Sanchez was revealed, both received many ridicule and criticism.

After the divorce, Bezos shared with his ex-wife 25% of the total assets, equivalent to 4% of Amazon’s common shares outstanding, worth nearly $36 billion. As a result, Ms. MacKenzie became the third richest female billionaire in the world at that time, Forbes magazine said.

Rupert Murdoch

Before Bezos, Rupert Murdoch held the record for the most expensive divorce in history. The billionaire has 4 wives, of which the first 2 marriages were broken because of his adultery. Murdoch came to his second wife – Scotland Anna Torv before he divorced his first wife.

After 31 years of living together, Murdoch was discovered to have an illicit relationship with a female employee of Chinese origin. After the divorce, the media tycoon had to share $ 1.7 billion with his ex-wife.

However, this love affair also did not have a good ending when Murdoch was “cuckold” backwards. At the age of 82, he divorced his third wife. Currently, he is living with his fourth wife, who is an actress and model.

Jiang Fan

Jiang Fan – Chairman of Taobao, was the name that caused a stir in China in April 2020 because of the adultery scandal. Dong Hoa Hoa – his wife, suddenly went online to accuse her husband of having an affair with famous hotgirl Truong Dai Dich.

The humiliating end of the giants who depended on the minor tam: People whose careers went up in smoke, those who were cuckolded backwards - Photo 2.

Tuong Pham ruined his career because of an affair with Truong Dai Dich (left) (Photo: Internet).

This incident not only seriously affected the reputation of Jiang Fan, but also caused both Alibaba and Taobao to lose their image. After the information spread on social networks, the corporation’s shares plunged on the stock exchange. In addition, the company managed by Truong Dai Dich also plummeted overnight.

For his part, Jiang Fan had to pay a heavy price. Not only was he demoted by Alibaba, he was also removed from his partner status as well as all benefits and rewards. It can be said that this penalty has put an end to Jiang Fan’s career at Alibaba. Not long after, the former Chairman of Taobao divorced and moved out of the house.

In addition, many billionaires are also entangled in the scandal of sexually assaulting women. One of all Luu Cuong Dong.

Luu Cuong Dong is the Chairman of e-commerce group. He is a billionaire who is admired by many people for being a talented and wealthy businessman. His wife – Zhang Zetian is equally famous as one of China’s young female billionaires. She was widely known with the nickname “milk tea hotgirl”, well-educated and well-equipped house.

In 2018, the scandal broke out when Luu Cuong Dong was accused of sexual abuse by a female student in the US. Although he did not have to go to prison, the reputation of the Chairman of JD was severely affected. JD’s stock price on the stock exchange plunged for a long time since the lawsuit took place. Billionaire Liu was also asked by the victim for $50,000 in compensation.

This is not the first time Luu Cuong Dong has been accused of sexual assault. Earlier, another woman spoke out that she was attacked by the billionaire at a party at his home. In February 2020, Luu Cuong Dong resigned. After that, Zhang Zetian filed for divorce and went abroad.

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