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The illusion of a spinning horse shocks viewers

The viral video on TikTok shows the odd geometric horse turning, but it’s hard to tell which way it’s moving.

A simple question to ask is: “In which direction is the horse turning?”. The video posted by TikToker TrippyHub has garnered over 6 million views, it seems the online community is really struggling.

When the horse turned, it seemed to turn its head, and then turned in another direction causing confusion among those who saw the illusion. The mysterious clip has sparked a conversation on the video-sharing platform with many users making their own observations.

One user replied, suggesting: “I can only see left.”

While others even claimed: “I can control how it moves” as they watched it.

But another user gave a completely different suggestion: “It rotates back and forth. No rotation. Look at the shadows cast behind the head on the neck. They will disappear at some point if rotated.”

Others have even suggested that the front and rear of the horse actually rotate independently of each other.

While some users claim that you have to squint to see the horse’s direction.

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