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The Ministry of Health got involved

The Department of Medical Examination and Treatment (Ministry of Health) has just sent an urgent dispatch to the Department of Health of Ho Chi Minh City about the death of a female patient during breast augmentation surgery at 1A Hospital. The Department said, on March 18, on the media, it was reported that “A female patient died during breast augmentation surgery at Hospital 1A” (Ho Chi Minh City Orthopedic – Rehabilitation Hospital, under the Ministry of Health. Labor – Invalids and Social Affairs).

After reviewing, the Department suggested that the Department of Health of Ho Chi Minh City urgently verify and clarify the above information and take measures to handle violations in accordance with the law, if any. The Department is responsible for reporting the results to the Ministry of Health before March 25.

Patient died during breast augmentation at 1A Hospital: Ministry of Health stepped in - 1

The body of patient N. at Hospital 1A.

According to the initial report of the hospital, the patient is a female NTNN (33 years old, from Dong Thap, living in District 6, Ho Chi Minh City) with breast hypoplasia (small breasts) on both sides, requiring breast reconstruction surgery. and was introduced by Dr. Nguyen Van Thiet to 1A Hospital for surgery. Patients are examined and tested preoperatively according to hospital procedures. The treatment method is breast augmentation surgery with gel bags; Anesthesia method is endotracheal anesthesia.

Hospital 1A said that during the operation, the patient had a respiratory arrest during the surgery and was actively resuscitated according to the procedure. The case is currently waiting for the results of the forensic examination of the investigative police agency of Tan Binh District Police.

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