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The mystery of female singer genZ’s G63 car has been on the internet for many days!

Only 48 hours have passed, netizens had to joke with each other that everyone is “out of breath” because of inhaling too much drama. The story is that some social media sites suddenly reported about a Famous female singer Vbiz is dating her senior’s husband. Notably, this female singer has a rather luxurious life, owns a luxury car and all is said to be bought by the rich. This person is said to be the husband of a senior in Vbiz. When this rumor had not yet subsided, more information was spread.

Until recently, suddenly one more information about the female singer. Accordingly, the netizen said that the car of more than tens of billions she owned turned out not to be bought by the above-mentioned giant husband, but a gift from another giant. To spend such a huge amount of money on a girlfriend, this person’s identity is not trivial.

The mystery of the G63 car of female singer Gen Z has been on the internet for many days!  - Photo 2.

Some netizens speculated that the singer was bought by the young man for a car with tens of billions of dollars. However, it’s all just information without any real proof

According to some information that we “look forward to”, before the noise broke out, this female singer had a luxurious life that everyone admired. It is known that she owns a high-class apartment building located in Binh Thanh district, this is also a gift from a giant. Recently, her friends can’t help but admire when they know that the singer has 2 expensive Merc cars. 1 for touring and 1 for going out and shopping.

It’s not just thatTo deserve the title of one of the real rich beauties, she also owns a piece of land in Da Lat and invests in many other lands. It seems, with all these years of singing, she has quite a fortune.

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