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The secret in Windows 1.0 is solved after 37 years

Windows 1.0 was released in November 1985. When developing Windows 1.0, Microsoft cleverly hidden into this operating system a secret that until now, that is, until 37 years ago, no one discovered.

The secret hidden in Windows 1.0 (aka Easter eggs) was discovered by Lucas Brooks. He shared his discovery on Twitter and immediately received the attention of the media and many other users.

The secret in Windows 1.0 is solved after 37 years - Photo 1.

According to Brooks, Easter eggs are placed in an encrypted state at the end of a smiley bitmap file in the operating system. At the time of almost 1985 there were no tools that could uncover this kind of additional data.

In fact, the content of Easter eggs is nothing special. It just includes a dialog box that says The Windows Teams Congratulations! with a list of developers involved in the build of Windows 1.0. Then Brooks also found similar Easter eggs on Windows 2.0.

In this list there is the appearance of a very notable character, Gabe Newell. Gabe Newell is currently the founder and president of Valve game company. He worked at Microsoft from 1983 to 1996, then quit to found Valve.

Gabe is known for his casual style and is very sociable. He currently has a fortune of many billions of dollars, but often wears jeans and jeans even when attending big events. Valve’s most famous products are the Haft-Life series of games, the Steam application, and most recently the Steam Deck game console.

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