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The story of the Vietravel Airlines plane seat being torn on a flight to Ho Chi Minh City

As reported, previously, according to feedback from passengers, flight VU450 from Ho Chi Minh City to Quy Nhon on March 21, however, on this flight, the seat was torn.

Responding to the incident, Vietravel Airlines said that flight VU450 was operated by an aircraft bearing the symbol VN289, the seat was torn due to the impact of external forces.

Some photos also take close-up photos of the company, which used white tape to fix the tear, but the tear was too large so it was still clearly visible. These images immediately received the attention of a large number of online communities and raised questions about the quality of this company’s service.

The Vietravel Airlines plane seat was torn on the Ho Chi Minh City - Quy Nhon flight: What did the Vietravel Airlines representative say?  - Photo 1.

The image of the chair on the Vietravel plane is torn

Regarding the incident, Vietravel’s representative informed: “Vietravel Airlines has confirmed that this situation happened on board the aircraft and the tear was caused by the impact of external forces in previous flights. Vietravel Airlines sincerely apologizes for the unexpected incident when the plane seat was on board. Flight VU450 on March 21 was torn.”

According to the airline’s representative, the service and provision of flight services always ensure safety criteria as well as provide the best service experience for passengers. However, Vietravel Airlines is very sorry when the flight was made on March 21.

“The airline has not had time to cover and close these damaged seats, damaging the beautiful image of the airline as well as affecting the flight experience of passengers. We apologize and confirm that the damaged seats are not affect the safety of the airline’s flight operations”. representative of Vietravel Airlines said.

Talking about the bad experiences of customers, the representative of Vietravel Airlines said that this is what Vietravel Airlines does not want: “We sincerely acknowledge and apologize for these bad experiences. However, the photos and arguments on social media about this incident do not fully reflect the quality of service that Vietravel Airlines provides. for passengers on the flight sectors operated by the airline”.

Currently, the technical department and related departments of Vietravel Airlines have recorded the information. Vietravel Airlines has temporarily closed these seats and repaired them.

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