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The wife cut off her husband’s penis because of “strange” behavior with her stepdaughter

Relating to the case that Ms. HTN (36 years old, Chieng Hac commune, Yen Chau district, Son La) cut off the penis and testicles of her husband, NVH (29 years old) because of suspicion of sexual abuse towards her stepchild. According to information from lawyer Nguyen Anh Thom, who supported Ms. N., the investigating agency has taken her niece for forensic examination to continue investigating and clarifying the case.

The incident caused the people of Chieng Hac to be shocked by Ms. N’s behavior. However, according to Ms. N’s lawyer, her behavior stemmed from the psychological repression when the husband had grown old. For a long time, she sexually abused a 15-year-old girl (who is the stepchild of Ms. N.) for a long time, so she provoked and used a weapon to injure her husband on the evening of March 19, 2022.

The wife cut off her husband's penis because of

Doctors at Son La Provincial General Hospital performed surgery on the victim. Photo: Son La Provincial General Hospital.

She said that the subject had sexually abused her niece starting 2 years ago and there is evidence from the camera recorded on March 18, 2022 that the subject sexually abused her at home. Although there were still 02 children at home (01 4-year-old child and 01 5-year-old child), the subject still sexually abused him.

In addition, according to information from the Chieng Hac commune government, NVH has repeatedly had bad behavior towards a 15-year-old girl.

Although N.’s daughter repeatedly told her mother about H.’s (stepfather’s) behavior. However, due to the lack of evidence, H. did not admit his behavior. Ms. N. talked to H. many times, but H. continued. Frustrated, N. bought a camera and secretly placed it at her daughter’s bedside.

The wife cut off her husband's penis because of

Currently, patient Nguyen Van H. is awake again. Photo: Son La Provincial General Hospital.

At about noon on March 18, when Ms. N. checked the camera and discovered that H. had “unusual” behavior towards her daughter. Frustrated, Ms. N. bought a 40,000-dong knife and waited until the night of March 19, while her husband was sleeping, N. used a knife to amputate H’s penis.

It is known that Ms. N.’s situation is quite difficult, the girl suspected of being abused by H. is the stepchild of Ms. N. with her ex-husband.

On the personal page that is said to be Ms. N., she often posts pictures of her children, always considering them as motivation to try.

Especially for a 15-year-old girl, Ms. N. always pays attention and used to “Promise to take my own life to ensure your life ,,, mom k (no – PV) so that anyone can bully,,, and harm you, I won’t (no – PV) ) allow anyone to touch my daughter!!!”

The wife cut off her husband's penis because of

The personal page that is said to belong to Ms. N. publishes stories about her children. Screenshots.

Currently, the case is still being investigated and clarified by the Yen Chau district police agency (Son La).

However, in From the legal aspect, to what extent the violation is, to handle it, whoever violates that person must be held responsible before the law. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to use a law violation to respond to a violation of the law.

Cases like these are heartbreaking and cause panic in society, leaving very heavy consequences for the victim and those around him. minh-rade-dam-bao-no-one-co-the-two-child-20220321184115149.chn

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