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The woman saw the shocking message from her husband’s ex-lover with her own eyes

The story about the lover’s ex-husband/husband’s love is a topic that makes many people sisters must have a headache. It wouldn’t be worth mentioning if in the past, the two of them broke off their relationship, dignified living a new future. However, sometimes there will be a few people who still have an old love that affects our relationship. They even defied to become “the third person”, breaking moral standards. If you find yourself in this situation, you should reconsider relationship, and especially be decisive if we ourselves are deceived, betrayed. Listen to G.’s story below and you will have more experiences about love and marriage.

Just finished taking wedding photos, the woman saw a shocking message from the other’s ex-lover with her own eyes

When G. started relationship In love with her current fiancé, she encountered many difficulties. They also know each other like so many other couples, from eating out, going out, walking on the street to higher limits. Because of understanding each other’s personality, G. and the other party came to the decision to seriously love each other. But at this moment, G. realized that his ex-boyfriend’s love was still related, holding on.

Just finished taking wedding photos, the woman saw firsthand the shocking message from the other's ex-lover and clever behavior - Photo 1.


At that time, G. felt hurt and had many concerns because she was afraid that she would get caught up in the market. But G.’s lover was determined to stop contacting his ex, blocking phone numbers to social networking accounts. At the same time, he also promises to make G. more secure with this sincere love.

The two of them spent more than a year and a half together, when they felt that they understood each other enough, they wanted to take it one step further. Also because they both reached the right age to get married. However, a serious thing happened in the process of G. and the other party going to the wedding.

That day, when the wedding photography was over, the photographer sent a few previews for the couple to G’s fiancé’s phone. She borrowed the camera to see the results after a long day of photography. But suddenly, a text message popped up. The text running on the screen made G. extremely shocked.

Although it was a strange number, G. immediately realized that this was none other than the ex-lover of her fiancé. The message line reads: “I’m craving for you so much. Before you get married and have your own life, can I see you once? But I can’t live like this.” Her hands trembled as she held the phone. But G. believes this is an important moment, both for her to keep the relationship, but also a test for all.

The wise way of women

Instead of telling her fiancé directly, G. chose to be silent. She believes that he will deny that he is still texting back and forth with his ex. G. waiting to see his reaction. A few days later, G. delicately noticed the phone of the other party, not letting him know. And then she saw her husband reply to the other woman, that he would meet at a cafe to solve it completely.

Having just finished taking wedding photos, the woman saw with her own eyes a shocking message from the other's ex-lover and clever behavior - Photo 2.


One day, G. said to her husband in a “insinuating” way: “I said, we are now husband and wife, I believe that there is nothing between us to hide from each other. Let’s be honest, because when it is discovered, the consequences are very unpredictable.”

G.’s fiancé seems to have discerned something. He hesitated, immediately had to tell the whole truth. Then G. also said: “I’ve met her completely once. Don’t let that type of person get in the way of this relationship. She’s not on the same level as you.”

Finally, G.’s husband blocked the number of his ex-lover. He asserted that he was wrong to let her send invitations, which will definitely not happen again in the future. A strong and temperamental woman will clearly understand her worth, never having to be afraid of others who want to destroy the relationship. Above all, she will always know how to say words that touch the “black heart” of men. va-cach-ung-xu-day-khon-stilts-20220321164917305.chn

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