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Thinking a lot but not doing much

Looking back at my early 20s, like most young people, I am bewildered, helpless, regretful about the past, dissatisfied with the status quo and despairing about the future:

I regret why I didn’t study hard in high school.

I don’t know what a college major is, it’s a waste of time.

I don’t know what I can do after I graduate.

I fear that I will not be able to support myself in the future.

I fear that my life will get worse.

One person once said: “There are some things in this world that are made to make you regret what you do.” So understand that you will regret anything you do, this is life. But growing up in failure is youth. However, we are in our 20s, but age should not be used as a shield.

The impotence of the age of 20: Thinking a lot but not doing much - Photo 1.

A few days ago, my cousin wrote a sentence on her personal page to express the helplessness of her 20s in the face of reality: “At an age that is too old, it seems that everything is not as it should be, thinking a lot, but doing nothing.” Right? I know a lot of people this age think the same way. Every problem has an answer, but you see, we all know the solution, and we pretend to be confused and don’t want to act, so we have to use age to sound good. his very youthful to constantly console himself:

At 18 years old, I had just entered college. Play this year to enjoy, next year will be determined to get a scholarship.

I’m only 19 years old, although I have a lot of good people around, and I think I’m jealous of them, but after playing for a while, I will catch up with them, no need to worry.

At the age of 20, after 2 years of playing life, I began to panic. But I’m only 20, two more years to graduate.

If you keep procrastinating, there will come a time when you will feel that it is too late, and eventually, life will kick your feet and trample. If at the age of 20, there is only desire without action, then maybe a future of 3 NO: no money, no career, no future is waiting at the end of the road.

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In essence, the 20s are the best period of constant trial and error, zeroing and restarting, but also the worst and most difficult, as it is also the period where you must get used to struggling to survive.

There is a “rule of suffering” that may be helpful to advise you: “For most people, the sum total of hardships and hardships endured in a lifetime is constant, and they won’t go away because you choose temporary comfort. On the contrary, the more you choose to escape, the more you choose to escape. avoid, then you need to work even harder to make up for it.” I understand that those around me, even those who are more successful than my peers are ubiquitous in this day and age, many of whom are anxious, confused and helpless when they see the distance so far. between oneself and others.

Today, I’m standing on the runway at the “near end” of the 20s, and I want to say a few words to you who are standing at the “starting point” of the 20s: Although the early 20s It’s an uncertain age, and even though you’re a “newbie” with nothing in your hands, believe that this is the most wonderful period.

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Boldly pursue your dreams. In the process, you will fall, be overcome, and give up on yourself. So remember, don’t criticize and abandon yourself at any point, look back to see how far you’ve come, as long as you don’t stand still, you will succeed. You have to feel proud of yourself, you have to love yourself and embrace every moment of life. This way, you can keep your original intention, wipe your tears, and move on.

When you enter your late 20s, it doesn’t matter if you are a strong person who is envied by everyone or a normal person, as long as you are living your life the way you want to. Because youth is never a mold. In our 20s, life is full of answers. If you only have regrets, every step you take can become an excuse for pain; If you dare to try and are not afraid to make mistakes, every step you take can become a stepping stone to your own growth.


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