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Toyota, Subaru and Mazda still bet on ‘green’ fuel

Toyota, Subaru and Mazda still bet on ‘green’ fuel
Toyota Motor Corp. will launch an all-electric small sedan in China by the end of 2022. Artwork: Reuters

Recently, at the Suzuka racecourse, east of the city of Osaka, Japan, Toyota Motor, Mazda Motor and Subaru Corp. participated in vehicles equipped with internal combustion engines using hydrogen and various carbon neutral fuels in a road race in Mie district.

The leaders of the three Japanese automakers took the opportunity to express their belief that a variety of technologies beyond EVs will contribute to cleaner vehicles in the coming decades.

Pro-hydrogen reviews and comments by Japan’s auto industry leaders reflect a different strategy than many companies in the US and Europe, which have shifted to the group. EVs in recent years with a commitment to provide only battery-powered cars in the coming decades.

Toyota is investing heavily in EV production while continuing to expand its clean-energy car development plan, which it announced late last year with plans to spend half of its 8 trillion yen ($67 billion) ) for electric cars and the rest to build hybrid and hydrogen technology.

Subaru is targeting carbon neutrality, with hybrid and battery-powered models expected to account for about 40% of global sales by 2030.

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