Truth Arena: 3 races

Foreign Soldiers

Since its debut in season 6, Foreigners has always been one of the squads with extremely large mutations when helping gamers get a lot of resources when “exploding the jar”. Therefore, the main gameplay of this race is to take the losing streak, then “explode the jar” and switch to using formations based on the large amount of resources that you get. However, it is not clear why Riot designed the supplementary core for this race to increase the damage and gold obtained from Foreign Soldiers, so they proved extremely weak.

Teamfight Tactics: 3 races - the system is not weak but possesses the worst auxiliary hextech cores in season 6.5 - Photo 1.

The extra tech cores for Aliens don’t match its gameplay at all

The first is the Pirate core when helping Foreign Soldiers have a 50% chance to get 1 more gold when defeating enemy units. Besides the “dignity” issue, in order for this core to work, General Foreign Binh must defeat the opposing unit. Meanwhile, with the nature of taking the losing streak, this squad needs to be as weak as possible and it is very difficult to defeat the enemy champion. The Yellow Dynamic Core is even weaker when it is completely useless when gamers have to “splash” to roll after “exploding the jar”.


In terms of basic effects, Tech is a very strong race in the early game when it gives champions more shields and damage on attacks. If you can own Nocturne nice Sejuani At the beginning of the game, it will guarantee a relatively long winning streak in stage 2-3. However, the strength of this race towards the end of the game is weaker when it does not have a hextech core that is good enough for Tech to shine in the late game. Instead, there are extremely weak and supportive cores.

Teamfight Tactics: 3 races - the system is not weak but possesses the worst auxiliary hextech cores in season 6.5 - Photo 2.

In terms of strength, the Tech race’s core is pretty weak

For example, the Hextech Explosion core, it should have had a damage effect when the Tech champion fell below a certain health threshold. However, it does increase the mana of enemy units, which is not so impressive. Remember that gamers cannot control units in Truth Arena moving so this core rarely comes into play. The same goes for cores like Energy Recovery, Tech Store when they provide unnecessary stats or are too low value because their shields in the late game are not great.


With the extremely simple effect of restoring the entire team’s mana every second, Scholar has always been a useful system in every meta. Helping the entire squad launch attacks faster than usual is always an extremely versatile effect. However, the core technology supporting this system is extremely bad, if not the most “wasteful” of the current 6.5 season. Specifically, the Learning More Learning core will have the effect that each round increases the Scholar champion by 2 skill damage stats, if that unit survives, it will receive 2 more stats.

Teamfight Tactics: 3 races - the system is not weak but possesses the worst auxiliary hextech cores in season 6.5 - Photo 3.

The amount of skill damage that Learn More Forever core brings is extremely low

Remember that Scholar units usually only play a support role, so don’t hold too many items or have a high level to survive. Even when pushing the Scholar unit to be the main force, the faction items are still better with this system. So the value of skill damage that this core brings is extremely low and makes gamers lose a lot of power.

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