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U23 Vietnam team welcomes a special character in the UAE

Vietnam U-23 team was officially present in Dubai, along with that, the whole team also met the future new head coach Gong Oh-kyun, who had just flown from Korea to reunite with the team.

After an 11-hour journey, the team U-23 Vietnam was present in the UAE to prepare to fight at the U-23 Dubai Cup 2022. The whole team was arranged to stay at the Movenpick hotel, which is 15 minutes away from the training ground.

Currently in the UAE is still winter, so the weather conditions are very cool and pleasant, ideal for training activities and sports competitions. At the first practice session in Dubai, the team also welcomed the presence of coach Gong Oh-kyun and doctor Choi Ju-young. This Korean expert duo took a direct flight from Seoul and arrived at Dubai airport about 45 minutes after U23-Vietnam.

Leading U23-Vietnam at the Dubai Cup 2022 is acting head coach Lee Young Jin, when Coach Park Hang Seo is busy with work in the national team for the third qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup in Asia. Mr. Lee promptly had a negative COVID-19 test result and was eligible to travel with the team on the evening of March 19.

Vietnam U23 team welcomes a special character in the UAE - 1

Coach Lee Young-jil introduced the Vietnam U-23 team to his colleague Gong Oh-kyun. Photo: VFF.

At the first training session of U-23 Vietnam on the morning of March 21, coach Lee Young-jin also introduced Mr. Gong Oh-kyun to the whole team. The presence in Dubai is an opportunity for Mr. Gong to observe and get to know the new players before officially becoming the head coach of the Vietnam U-23 team.

Gong Oh-kyun’s official challenge is that after the 31st SEA Games, the Korean leader will fight with Vietnam U-23 in the final round. Asia U-23 in June in Uzbekistan and take the team Vietnam Olympics compete in China.

This is no small pressure on Mr. Gong because of the achievements that his predecessor, Coach Park Hang-seo, has done for young Vietnamese football. Mr. Park helped Vietnam U-23 team to become the Asian runner-up and reached the semi-finals of ASIAD with the Olympic team.

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Young players have the opportunity to have a good time at the Dubai Cup quality playground to prepare for the 31st SEA Games at home in May. Photo: VFF.

The start of the new coach Gong will be very difficult, but there are advantages from the advice of Korean compatriots. The 2022 Dubai Cup U-23 tournament is also a time for acting head coach Lee Young-jin to convey the philosophies that Mr. Park is building at all levels of the team. Each match is an experience for Mr. Gong to summarize in order to have a better development direction with the current U-23 group and possibly the Vietnam national team after Mr. Park’s contract expires in January. 2023.

According to the schedule of the U-23 Dubai Cup 2022, the U-23 Vietnam team will meet Iraq U-23 in the first round (March 23) and Croatia U-23 in the second round (March 26). . Round 3 will take place on March 29 with matches to be determined after the end of round 2.

This tournament is an important training opportunity for Vietnam U-23s towards the goal of winning the 31st SEA Games gold medal and going deep in the 2022 Asian U-23 final round.

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