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Vietnamese quiz “No need to plant a plow, hearing the name is full of love”

Our Vietnamese has always been considered one of the richest languages ​​in terms of grammar and vocabulary. We have a treasure trove of folk songs, proverbs, synonyms, antonyms, compound words, compound words, pictographic words, onomatopoeia. Not to mention we also have a set of power signs “sharp – profound – question – fall – heavy”, which have the power to change the meaning of any word.

For example, the word “military”, leaving the meaning of the army (for short); speech is the person directly under the command (of others); or despicable people (often used to scold, curse). For example: Army kills, cheats, sells country,… In addition, it also means cards, chess pieces. For example: Troops, cannons, pawns,…

But if you add a sharp mark, it will become the word “wrapped” – which means to roll objects shaped like threads or thin strips into many rings around something. Add a hyphen for “pants” – clothing worn from the waist down, with two leg openings. Add a heavy sign to “district” – an administrative unit in the inner city, consisting of many wards, equal to rural districts. The tilde becomes “distressed”, an adjective indicating being in a difficult situation, stuck, to the point that there is no way out (usually in terms of material life).

Vietnamese quiz

It is also because of this richness that Vietnamese people often create word puzzles and quizzes to challenge each other’s imagination and vocabulary. These quizzes always make people excited because they both help them learn Vietnamese better and reduce stress effectively. Here is a word puzzle, let’s see how many seconds you guess correctly:

“No need to plant a plow, hearing the name is full of love”

According to the Vietnamese dictionary, “nuong” is a noun indicating “cultivated land on the hilly area”, or “high beach along the river”. We often hear the words farming, farming, potato farming, rice fields, etc. But what kind of upland is not to plow, but is “full of love?”. What word is that? Can you guess?

The answer is from BELIEVE!

According to the dictionary, the word “depend” means to rely on to live, to survive (generally speaking). For example: “In that family, parents died early, the two brothers had to rely on each other”, or “Neighbors turned off the lights and turned off the lights, relying on each other to live”.

Some synonyms for the word “rely” can be mentioned as “rely on”, “rely on”, “rely on”,… 1-day-old-day-dap-an-20220321152735285.chn

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