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What information is on the back of the ID card?

According to Article 3 of Circular 06/2022/TT-BCA, the back of the KTP contains the following information:

– Left side, from top to bottom

+ Personal identification: A distinctive and externally stable characteristic that distinguishes one person from another.

+ Day, month, year/Date, month, year: The date the card was issued;


+ Stamp with the coat of arms of the institution that issued the identity card;

+ Electronic chips.

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– Right, from top to bottom

+ There are 2 fingerprint boxes, namely the left index finger / left index finger and right index finger / right index finger of the person who was given the ID card.

– MRZ.series

In particular, compared to previous types of identification documents such as KTP/Barcode, English on chip-based citizenship cards is a requirement for Vietnamese citizens to use the card. Citizenship Cards replace passports when Vietnam signs international treaties or agreements that allow citizens of other signatory countries to use as substitutes in their respective regions.

What do the numbers on the back of the ID mean?

The back of Citizen ID has a chip with a character sequence called MRZ. The characters on this MRZ line are not used in administrative procedures such as the numbers on the front of the ID card.

However, these MRZ lines hold a lot of important information about a person’s identity as this is the area of ​​the scanner to read the chip.

Therefore, the characters in the MRZ line, if read only with the naked eye, are almost meaningless and have no effect. Only when scanned through a chip reader will the cardholder information in the National Database system appear in full.

What information does the electronic chip store on the identity of a citizen?

The electronic chip on the back of the ID card contains information about the identity of each citizen, such as: Full name, date of birth, city of origin, permanent address, fingerprint, photo, special ID…

However, only authorities equipped with special chip readers can extract information from these chips. If the ID card is lost, it is difficult for the person who found it to read the information that the chip on the card is stored.

In the near future, the information on the electronic ID card chip installed on the chip will gradually be integrated with more personal information and paper.

In particular, according to the Population Data Application Development Project, issued together with Decree 06/QD-TTg, by 2022, our country will gradually replace personal documents based on information integration and authentication. population.

Thus, the public can use the National Electronic Identity Card and Identity Card (VNEID) application to replace a number of important documents such as: Health insurance, driver’s license, driver’s license, certificate code or practice permit, vaccinations, health, education, card cadres, civil servants, employees country… when carrying out administrative procedures.

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