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All about the famous head of the Son Kim family – rich mother-in-law Ho Nhan

Son Kim is one of the most powerful families in Vietnam. And when it comes to this family, it is impossible not to mention Mrs. Nguyen Thi Son (SN 1950) – a courageous businesswoman whose name is associated with the once famous Legaex, who has expanded her business activities to many fields. , become one. an industry leader in real estate, pharmaceuticals, fashion and retail.

This businesswoman has many “terrible” achievements in the business world

In 1987, her husband Son fell ill and died. She raised 5 children alone: ​​Hong Van, Hoang Tuan, Hoang Anh, Hong Trang and Hoang Lam. At that time, he worked at the Dai Thanh Cooperative – a company founded by his mother, and at the Leather – Garment Company (District 10, Ho Chi Minh City).

Feeling sorry for their diligent daughter, Ms. Son suggested him to work in the cooperative. However, at that time he was appointed as Director of the Footwear – Garment Company, then General Director of the Legaex Company.

In December 1988, the company run by Ms. Son changed its name to Legaex Import-Export Company. Moreover, the Lega-Fashion brand began to appear in the market and left a deep impression on consumers through fashion shows. It is also the first unit to honor the Vietnamese model profession.

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Mrs. Nguyen Thi Son – Old Buddhist from the Son Kim family.

When the company started to have a name, it grew, expanding its market in European and Asian countries such as France, Germany, Netherlands, Japan, and Korea. The number of workers is more, sometimes up to 4000 people. At that time, Miss Son’s reputation began to rise like alcohol, and everyone in the country admired and regarded Legamax as a typical country company at the beginning of the open door policy.

Not long after, an incident happened to this female general. He left Legamex and moved in another direction. In 1998, he returned to work at the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, being appointed Chancellor of the School of Business Administration. At the same time, he also joined the Executive Committee of the Vietnam Lawyers Association and was appointed Director of the Institute of International Law and Business Sciences in 2006.

Currently, Ms. Son is still engaged in social work as a legal expert, director of the Institute of International Legal and Business Affairs, Chair of the Board of Directors of Duy Tan Middle School – High School (HCMC)…

Every child has a brilliant career

Regarding family, Ibu Anak once experienced the death of her husband: “My children were still young, the eldest daughter was 17 years old, the youngest child was only 9 years old. school, and in the afternoon, I pick them up to play in the company yard. The children had the opportunity to enter the sub-factory with the workers cutting the thread and lining up.

In the summer, when I go to work, I also let my children go. I don’t expect them to learn fashion production skills for their future careers.”

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Madam Son and eldest daughter Hong Van.

5 children Ms. Son all attended high school in public schools in Ho Chi Minh City. When he entered university, he tried to let everyone study abroad and be free to choose their favorite major. As for his daughter, Hong Trang, he suggested taking the exam to Ho Chi Minh City University of Education.

Currently, only 2/5 of the tycoon’s children serve the family company. Therefore, Hong Van’s eldest daughter holds the Nanogene Biopharmaceutical Technology Joint Stock Company; second son, Hoang Tuan, served as Group Leader Son Kim and Son Kim Land; The third son Hoang Anh is the owner of a tea and coffee production company, the fourth daughter Hong Trang is the CEO of Son Kim Mode – GS25 Vietnam and the youngest son Hoang Lam is the owner of an interior design company.

Gradually handing over the work to his nephew, choosing Facebook as an old-age fun

Through many storms in life, businessman Nguyen Thi Son was always optimistic and thought he had gained more than he lost: seen by his descendants as a good example to follow; respected and admired by junior companies; trusted by foreign partners for advice. “I value adversity in life and also value accomplishments and recognized values. Because this is also a driving force that motivates me to be more active in contributing, contributing to creating spiritual and material values ​​that are beneficial to society,” said the female giant.

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Through many storms in life, businessman Nguyen Thi Son is always optimistic and thinks that he has gained more than he lost.

At this age, it is rare, but Mrs. Putera still maintains full passion and enthusiasm for her profession. “Life is a series of challenges one after another,” he said. Only by working through it can you be tough and move forward.”

According to the entrepreneur, he is gradually shifting education management work to his grandson, Nguyen Hoang Viet. He is very passionate about Facebook, his goal is to have 1 share daily on this platform. Because of that, she no longer had time to meddle in her children’s affairs. Only when there was an emergency would he call his son, otherwise, go into his Monday morning routine to discuss.

On her personal page, the female general once shared: “I feel that joining Facebook has many great things. For example, I found old friends I haven’t seen in years and had a great time chatting with them.

I can share with everyone about social stories in the spirit of positive thinking. This is also a form of contribution to make our homeland more beautiful.

With your phone in hand, you can take pictures wherever you go. Seeing the adorable grandchildren can also “shoot” posts on Facebook. That is the joy of old age.”

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