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America must stop threatening Moscow

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister: The US must stop threatening Moscow.  (Source: AP)
Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov. (Source: AP)

Speaking to the press, Deputy Minister Ryabkov stated: “They must stop threatening Russia. If they can simultaneously offer some form of positive impact on Kiev, then in general, there will be certain prospects for the goal of normalizing relations.”

However, the Russian diplomat said that he not only doubts, but even certainly will not – that the US can positively influence Ukraine so that Kiev can give a more constructive view on progress. peace talks.

According to Ryabkov, relations between the US and Russia are continuing to deteriorate due to Washington’s sanctions.

However, this trend has not had any effect on Moscow’s determination to achieve the goals of the special military operation in Ukraine and to adapt to the circumstances related to its sanctions. The West.



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