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‘An important moment for Vietnam’s tourism’

Seize the opportunity to help Vietnam’s tourism adapt to the new normal and develop sustainably, according to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Dinh Thien, an economist.

The conference to launch the reopening of tourism activities “Vietnam – Full Experience” has the participation of many leaders of ministries, departments, branches, tourism departments, experts, business representatives … In the opening section. Hoang Dao Cuong – Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism – reiterated the results of efforts to promote and stimulate tourism by 2021. The whole country serves 40 million domestic tourists, welcoming more than 10,000 international visitors through pilot programs. The government also waived visas for nationals of 13 countries, relaxed entry and exit regulations.

The Deputy Minister emphasized factors to assist tourism recovery and development, including: enhancing the competitiveness of Vietnam’s destinations, thereby realizing the goal of welcoming more than 5 million international visitors by 2022; improve the quality of tourism products to meet demand, ensure resources, deploy various sales models and channels; strengthen air connectivity, restore international flight routes, promote cooperation between businesses; promote promotion and attract tourists, focusing on rapidly recovering markets such as UK, France, Germany, USA, Middle East countries, Korea, Japan… Most importantly, need to ensure safety and prevention. safe and effective adaptation.

Mr. Nguyen Trung Khanh - Director General of the National Administration of Tourism Vietnam, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Mr. Nguyen Trung Khanh – Director General of the National Administration of Tourism Vietnam, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Nguyen Trung Khanh – Director General of Vietnam’s National Administration of Tourism, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism – also agreed with the above view and said that reopening not only restored the economy, but also emphasized that Vietnam is a safe and friendly country. destination. Regarding the tourism restoration regulation of 2022, Mr Khanh emphasized: “The opening of all airways, roads, waterways and railways, applies to domestic and international tourists and Vietnamese going abroad.” .

In particular, Vietnam waived visas unilaterally for 13 countries; re-enact immigration regulations. Visitors only need a negative PCR result within 72 hours, a negative 24-hour rapid test. If the customer enters the country for a long time, the test can be carried out at the border gate. Use the Covid PC app during your stay; must be vaccinated, if there are symptoms of infection must report to the officer at the border gate.

For children under two years who have not been vaccinated and have not been infected with nCoV, traveling with family can participate in outdoor activities. International visitors need to purchase travel insurance, which pays for Covid-19 at a rate of 10,000 USD. Visitors must comply with the immigration and health regulations of Vietnam and the country of destination. For domestic visitors, fully open the door, implement a tourism stimulus program.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism coordinates with relevant parties to carry out promotional campaigns, launch programs to attract international and domestic tourists. The ministry also coordinates with regions and companies to train human resources; directs the unit to update health regulations.

Ministries and branches also closely coordinate all stages. Therefore, the Ministry of Health updated plans to prevent and control the epidemic and deal with the situation as it arises. The Ministry of Public Security and National Defense ensures security upon entry. The Ministry of Transportation directs airlines to ensure flight safety and comply with epidemic prevention regulations. The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology brings planned content both domestically and internationally, upgrading the Covid PC application.

In addition, Mr. Nguyen Trung Khanh asked the regions to actively implement the program, pay attention to business, and coordinate with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Tourism businesses need to actively welcome guests safely, update, disseminate and fully understand the epidemic prevention regulations.

Nguyen Tuong Van, Chairman of the People’s Committee of Quang Ninh Province, said that this is a golden time to open the doors to welcome tourists back and hoped that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and airlines would continue to support the province’s tourism stimulus policies. According to Mr. Van, Quang Ninh province has all the conditions, potential, advantages, links to socio-economic development, especially tourism. This place collects 2,077 large and small islands, 632 beautiful places, historical relics, many tourist facilities on land, at sea and has a trade gateway with China… Of which, the most famous is Ha Bay. UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage and Natural Wonder of the World.

Thanks to the implementation of synchronous solutions, Quang Ninh province has succeeded in developing dual goals in many fields. In 2021, the province’s economic growth rate will reach 10.28%, marking the 16th consecutive year of double-digit growth milestone. The province is also connected to major tourism areas, creating a synchronous link chain, airlines, waterways, and dedicated ship ports to serve guests and carry various tourism products. Quang Ninh is also actively injecting “rapid” vaccines, reaching 99% of 12 years of age or older, and focusing on opening 70 high-security service companies and 1,467 safe accommodation places.

In response to the question “How is Quang Ninh preparing to build adaptive destinations in the new normal?”, Mr. Pham Ngoc Thuy – Director of the Quang Ninh Tourism Department, said the province focused on five issues: updating traditional products to create attraction (with the aim of developing four-season tourism, Quang Ninh will focus on high-end resorts and highly experienced activities such as border tourism, exploration, sports…); companies in the industry need to promote effective digital transformation; when there are new products and communications, quality improvement such as human resource training…; tourism must be linked (from tourism promotion to linking product packages, creating attraction for inter-regional clusters); The most important thing is to put safety first.

Provincial and city leaders such as Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang … each talked about the process of overcoming difficulties and preparation plans for reopening tourism activities in the near future.

In the discussion, Ms. Nguyen Minh Hang – Assistant Minister, Director of the Ministry of Public Economy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs – said that opening Vietnam to tourism has a number of advantages, including: the epidemic trend has changed. , can consider Covid-19 As an endemic disease, the severity of the disease may soon be lifted in the third and fourth quarters of this year. The policy of openness to tourism has been implemented by more than 50 countries, and at the same time, the demand for discovery and relaxation of the world’s citizens is likely to increase.

However, Vietnam also faces several challenges when opening its doors to welcome visitors: having to monitor disease progression closely; Tourism policies in some countries are still very limited, affecting the community’s international discovery plans.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs continues to assist the Ministry of Culture and Tourism to open safe and effective tourism. We also strengthen the provision of tourism trend information, assessing tourism situation and demand. tourism in other countries… help Vietnam to quickly understand, and at the same time promote updating the situation of opening tourism in our country with international friends, actively spread the promotion of Vietnamese culture and tourism “said Mrs. Minh Hang.

On the business side, Ms. Tran Nguyen – Head of Sales, Sun Group – said that the company’s leaders and employees have special preparations for certain situations when opening tourism and want to turn Quang Ninh into a tourist destination. four seasons”. According to him, Quang Ninh still has a lot of untapped potential, especially in island tourism or in mountainous areas. “Sun Group wants to invest in ecosystems in many places, not just Quang Ninh. When investing in the ecosystem, apart from updating the product, we also focus on improving the quality of service and customer experience. …”, said Ms. Tran Nguyen.

According to Pham Thi Nguyet, acting Head of Marketing and Sales Department of Vietnam Airlines, the business has boldly invested and restored the domestic flight network; The goal is to restore all international routes and open more routes connecting destinations to each other in winter 2022. Vietnam Airlines’ boldest decision was to open routes to India due to the recent trend of spiritual tourism.

Truong Quoc Hung – Chairman of UNESCO Travel Club Hanoi, said that in the mood to find products, he focuses on connecting and surveying products directly before sending them to customers. According to him, sustainable tourism must create satisfaction and keep customers as well as possible.

Nguyen Thi Le Huong – Deputy Director General of Vietravel – proposed a number of issues to help tourism develop as before: there should be a comprehensive communication message, linking regions and provinces, clearly showing the world Vietnam welcomes tourists; have a clear disease management policy; Passengers do not need to undergo a Covid-19 test before flying to create a balance between domestic and international guests, while increasing flight frequency; regions need to link human resources to create competitive forces…

Behind the event was the signing ceremony of the “Agreement on comprehensive cooperation program for the period 2022-2025” between the People’s Committee of Quang Ninh province and Vietnam Airlines. In addition, the People’s Committee of Quang Ninh Province, Sun Group and Vietnam Airlines also signed a “cooperation agreement to stimulate demand and develop the tourism market”. Closing the conference was the re-opening ceremony of tourism activities by the Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Hoang Dao Cuong.

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