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Broken, no sign of survivors

According to SCMP, it is likely that all passengers and crew on China Eastern Airlines flight MU5735 were killed after the accident on the afternoon of March 21.

Until the evening of the same day, Chinese authorities had not given any information about the victims on the ill-fated flight, although the rescue team had received the accident scene early, which raised concerns. worst case happened.

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Chinese rescuers approach the scene of a China Eastern Airlines Boeing 737-800 that crashed on March 21. (Photo: The Paper)

China Central State Television (CCTV) reported that the rescue work was carried out as soon as it was reported that the Boeing 737-800 of China Eastern Airlines crashed into the mountains on the outskirts of Wuzhou city, province. Guangxi. More than 600 firefighters were dispatched to the scene to assist in search and rescue efforts.

Chinese media previously reported that flight MU5735 carrying 123 passengers and nine crew members disappeared from radar screens en route to Guangzhou after taking off from Kunming in Yunnan province at 13:10 (local time).

According to VariFlight, a website providing China’s civil aviation data, China Eastern Airlines’ Boeing 737-800 suddenly dropped at about 14:19 from an altitude of nearly 8,900 m. Three minutes later, the plane plummeted to 1,300 meters and disappeared from radar screens at 14:22.

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The image simulates the process of MU5735 gradually falling and plummeting down the cliff just a few minutes after losing contact. (Photo: Daily Mail)

According to Xinhua News Agency, rescuers found plane debris at the scene of the crash. However, many Boeing 737-800s appear to have broken up when they hit the mountainside. Local authorities have also deployed several ambulances to the scene and set up a makeshift medical center near the crash site.

In an online interview with Jimu News, a witness said the plane broke into pieces when it crashed into the mountain with a loud bang, and the trees around the crash site were on fire.

A truck driver told local media that he saw a plane go down while driving on the highway from Nanning to Wuzhou.

“I was 2-3 km away from where the plane went down, black smoke rose after that. Looks like the plane exploded. Everything happens in seconds.”the truck driver recounted.

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The moment China Eastern Airlines Boeing 737-800 with serial number MU5735 plunged down a cliff was captured by a nearby security camera. (Photo: Dailymail)

In a statement shortly after the crash, China Eastern Airlines said it had grounded its fleet of Boeing 737-800s starting March 21. In addition, the airline has set up an emergency support line and sent its condolences to the families of the victims on the ill-fated flight.

It is known that the Boeing 737-800 bearing the number MU5735 of China Eastern Airlines has only been in service for 7 years, the cause of the accident can only be determined when the plane’s black boxes are found.

According to CCTV, Chinese President Xi Jinping said he was shocked when he learned about the accident. Xi Jinping instructed the relevant officials to activate the emergency mechanism immediately and investigate the cause of the accident as soon as possible.

Video: Debris from the plane lies at the crash site. (Source: China Military Television)

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