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Ca Mau crabs died again, people stood still

In 2021, the phenomenon of mass death of crabs occurred in Nam Can district, Ca Mau province, causing heavy damage to economy for the citizen. This year, this situation continues to repeat, making crab farmers very worried.

The reality of dead crabs has happened to the family of Mr. Duong Van Thum (hamlet 5, Hiep Tung commune, Nam Can district) for nearly 2 months now. Initially the crabs died scattered, then the number of dead crabs increased.

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The crabs crawled to the square bank to wait to die, when they were peeled off, they found that the crabs had no meat.

This crop, Mr. Thum released 10,000 seed crabs in an area of ​​2.5ha of combined shrimp-crab farming. His family determined that the crab crop would be completely damaged, because the few remaining crabs would crawl to the shore and die, and if they were caught, they would die after a while if they were caught. Local traders do not dare to buy sick crabs.

Farmed crabs just drain the water or put the roof on the shore for about 15-20 minutes to die. There are many dead crabs on the glade, at first the crabs emerge at the water’s edge and then gradually die. Now, anyone who wants to order crabs can’t sell them and with this situation, in about a month, 100% of free-range crabs will die.”Mr. Van Thum said.

According to information from Mr. Nguyen Minh Hieu, Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee of Hiep Tung Commune, the most visible manifestation when farmed crabs die is that people put rice paddies, put roofs or drain the water to raise them.

“Sick crabs have very strange symptoms, when farmers catch the crabs in a short time, sometimes before they can be tied, the crabs are dead. Looking at the outside of the crab, you will see that the shell is thin or covered with seaweed, when you separate the crab, there is no meat inside but only water. The ones that have little meat when boiled have a salty taste.” information Mr. Hieu.

Currently, the whole Nam Can district has nearly 8,900 crab farming households with an area of ​​about 24,400 ha. According to local people, this time every year farmed crabs are prone to damage, but they have never had mass deaths like last year and like this year. Worth mentioning, the situation of dead crabs this year tends to be even more complicated than last year.

“This year, the family released only 7,000-8,000 seed crabs, but since the beginning of the year, it has not been 2 months since the beginning of the year, but more crabs have died than last year. The last few water crabs died, but the last time the crabs died a lot. Just catch a few fish and tie them up, leave them for a while and the crabs will die on their own.”Mrs. Nguyen Thi Yen, Lam Hai commune, Nam Can district.

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Local people are very worried about the situation of weak dead crabs.

According to preliminary statistics of local authorities, from the beginning of the year to now, more than 4,300 households have had sick crabs, covering an area of ​​​​over 13,100 hectares, with an average loss of about 52%. The situation of mass death of crabs not only occurred in Nam Can district but also was recorded in Dam Doi and Ngoc Hien districts of Ca Mau province.

The People’s Committee of Ca Mau province has issued a document directing the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to assume the prime responsibility for, and coordinate with relevant units in, clarifying the causes and having solutions to help people feel secure in production.

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