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China Eastern Airlines Disclosure

On March 21, a China Eastern Airlines plane carrying 132 people crashed in southwestern China. Flight MU5735 flies from Guangzhou to Kunming. The exact number of casualties has not been announced at this time.

The plane crashed in China: China Eastern Airlines revealed - 1

A fragment of China Eastern Airlines flight MU5735. (Photo: Xinhua News Agency)

China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited, also known as China Eastern, is an airline with its headquarters at China Eastern Airlines Building, on the premises of Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport in Changning District, Shanghai.

China Eastern Airlines is one of the three major airlines in China. The airline industry’s safety record has also been among the best in the world over the past decade.

According to OneindiaChina Eastern Airlines has had a number of incidents and accidents in its history.

Specifically, on November 21, 2004, an Eastern Airlines Bombardier CRJ200 crashed in Inner Mongolia one minute after departure, killing 53 passengers.

The plane crashed in China: China Eastern Airlines revealed - 2

China Eastern Airlines is one of the three major airlines in China. (Photo: China Eastern)

On September 10, 1998, China Eastern Airlines Flight 586 operated by a McDonnell-Douglas MD-11 flew from Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport to Beijing Capital International Airport, damaged nose gear after takeoff. Then the plane landed back in Shanghai. The report said nine cases of injuries.

On October 26, 1993, China Eastern Flight 5398 from Shenzhen to Fuzhou, a McDonnell Douglas MD-82, crashed near Fuzhou Airport after a failed approach attempt, killing two of the 80. people on the plane died.

On April 6, 1993, China Eastern Airlines Flight 583, a McDonnell-Douglas MD-11 flying from Beijing to Los Angeles via Shanghai, unintentionally deployed the leading edge slats when flying. The plane fluctuated violently and lost control at an altitude of 1,500m. The plane eventually landed safely at Shemya. However, 2 passengers were killed, 149 passengers and 7 crew members were injured.

On August 15, 1989, an Antonov An-24 was on a domestic flight from Shanghai to Nanchang when it crashed during take-off due to engine failure, killing 34 of the 40 people on board.

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