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Choose the right husband

My wife and I are not rich at the moment, we still have some debts, but I think the same husband and wife will be successful.

I am 27 years old, my husband is 35 years old. I was born in a poor village in an unhappy family, my father drank and beat my mother, my family situation was difficult. I’m shy, quiet, have a mentality of not trusting anyone, really hate drunk people, afraid to get married and then live like my mother. All those negative thoughts have changed since I met him. I got to know him through a co-worker matchmaking. We have sympathy, he doesn’t have a father, a difficult family, I don’t have a happy family either.

>> I didn’t choose my husband

One day he said he owed 300 million dong, the accumulated assets over the years were no longer due to business losses, telling me to think and then decide whether to proceed. I do not know what motivates me to continue to know him. I’m not racing for material things, saving money, thinking that if you are both healthy, you can do business together and definitely pay off your debts. We went to the wedding, now seeing that our decision was right. He loves me, pampers me, shares the hardships of life with me. In particular, it tries to start from scratch.

There are also times when couples fight because of the pressures of life, however, we hold hands to overcome everything. I’m writing here just to vent, so those in the same situation as me will try harder, not give up.


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