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Closely monitored by Russia, how will NATO calculate the way to transfer weapons to the front for the Ukrainian Army?

The most convenient weapon delivery routes of Ukraine was cut off

The “International Center for Peacekeeping and Security”, a military training facility of the Ukrainian Army in Yavorov, Lviv province, bordering Poland, was destroyed. Russia missile attack on March 13.

Western media have asserted that Russian missiles not only caused a large number of casualties to “foreign volunteers”, but also destroyed a number of Western military aid shipments to Ukraine. .

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov previously warned that convoys transporting foreign weapons to Ukraine will be the target of legitimate attacks by the Russian Army. That is to say, the way for the West to bring weapons to Ukraine, is more and more blocked.

Judging by the current situation of the Russo-Ukrainian conflict, the two sides have engaged in street fighting in many cities, and the consumption of weapons and ammunition has increased greatly.

The fact that Ukraine’s defense industry is not self-sufficient in supply, makes the Ukrainian military’s demand for Western weapons and equipment more and more urgent than ever.

Closely monitored by Russia, how will NATO calculate the way to transfer weapons to the front for the Ukrainian Army?  - Photo 1.

Western weapons aid to Ukraine in the past was mainly by air.

To speed up arms deliveries to Ukraine, the US European Command, has established a “special coordination group” to manage arms and equipment deliveries by the US and at least 14 other countries. , including UK, Canada and Lithuania supply.

Before the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, military supplies, aided by the West, could be transported easily and directly by large transport planes to Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, and then transported. to the battlefield by land or by air.

But after the Russian military has basically mastered the Ukrainian airspace, it becomes completely impossible for Western countries to directly transport weapons to Ukraine by air.

The US and NATO also do not dare to send fighter jets to escort these cargo planes, which could cause the outbreak of the risk of direct military conflict with Russia.

Currently, Western-aided weapons are mainly transshipped in Poland. CNN reports that an “undisclosed” airport in Poland, near the Ukrainian border, has become a hub for weapons and equipment from the West to Ukraine.

There are about 17 flights of Western military transport aircraft, transporting weapons and aid, to the Ukrainian border every day.

Although the US media did not disclose the specific location of the airport, but according to the practice of Western countries, to ensure absolute safety, the transit center will not be too close to the Ukrainian border area and needs to be protected. strict protection.

Currently, Rzeszow, a city in southeastern Poland, just right from the Ukrainian border, and the US is deploying the Patriot-3 air defense system there; maybe this would be the best location, to act as a transit hub.

Closely monitored by Russia, how will NATO calculate the way to transfer weapons to the front for the Ukrainian Army?  - Photo 2.

The Polish city of Rzeszow, near the border with Ukraine, the US deploys Patriot-3 missile systems.

After these Western aid weapons arrive in Poland, they will be transported into Ukraine by truck. Because the job of transporting weapons into Ukraine is extremely dangerous, the daily wages of truck drivers are up to 1,500 USD.

The province of Lviv is located near the Polish border, and it also became the first stop of Western military aid to Ukraine.

According to information from the Western press, the “International Center for Peace and Security” is only 25 km from the Polish border, where NATO previously trained Ukrainian troops.

Before being attacked by the Russian army, there were about 1,000 “foreign volunteers” stationed here, to support Ukraine in fighting; At the same time, this is also the main logistics center of Ukraine, where it is used to transport Western equipment and ammunition to support Ukraine.

According to the Russian side, in the missile attack on the base on March 13, “up to 180 foreign mercenaries were killed and a large number of foreign weapons destroyed.”

Regarding the attack on Ukraine’s “International Security and Peacekeeping Center”, Pentagon spokesman Kirby stated at a press conference:

“I can only tell you that we have many bases to send military aid to Ukraine, not just one of them.”

Road traffic is getting more and more difficult

In order to avoid escalation of the war, especially a direct military confrontation with NATO, the actions of the Russian military are strictly limited within Ukraine, and the conflict has not yet extended beyond Ukraine.

Judging by the arms transport routes of Western countries, the land route from Poland to Ukraine is relatively smooth and there are no signs of Russian military attacks.

However, once weapons and equipment enter Ukraine, it will become increasingly difficult to distribute them to the battlefields.

In particular, the Russian military’s attack on the military training base in Yavorov and the warning of Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov, both show that the Russian military is ready to cut off the route of weapons transportation in the region. Ukraine.

Currently on the fronts of Ukraine, the war is taking place extremely fierce. Before the heavy equipment group of the Russian army, the Ukrainian side has a great need for anti-tank weapons.

Closely monitored by Russia, how will NATO calculate the way to transfer weapons to the front for the Ukrainian Army?  - Photo 3.

Map of the main road traffic network of Ukraine.

Looking at the map, Ukraine’s domestic transport infrastructure is not outdated, and the road network expands in all directions. Northern highways from the western Ukrainian city of Lviv to Kyiv, including the Lutsk-Rivny-Zhytomyr-Kyiv highway;

From Lviv eastward to Vennitsa-Kilovgrad, radiating east, southeast and south, in which Kirovgrad is an important transport hub of Ukraine.

Previously, the Russian army had not attacked the convoys of Western countries bringing weapons into Ukraine, on the one hand, it may be because the war in other combat directions was limited, then the Russian army had no time. takes into account areas deep in the territory of western Ukraine.

At the same time, the lack of complete control in the air makes it difficult to conduct reconnaissance and monitor the entire battlefield, creating opportunities for the Ukrainian convoy to continuously transport weapons and equipment aided by the West. to battle zones.

However, when the war in many cities is coming to a stalemate, it becomes even more important for the Russian military to completely cut off the supply of weapons to the Ukrainian army.

Closely monitored by Russia, how will NATO calculate the way to transfer weapons to the front for the Ukrainian Army?  - Photo 4.

Kirovgrad is an important transport hub of Ukraine.

Although the Russian military will not attack Western arms transit points in Poland, but after the convoy entered Ukraine, especially during the maneuver to the combat zone near the east Ukraine, the Russian military will carry out offensive operations.

Currently, the Russian Air Force has completely gained air superiority and maneuvering fighters, performing patrolling missions and ready to attack ground targets, this will be the main task. Convoys transporting weapons, aided by Western countries, can suffer severe consequences.

Of course, the Ukrainian side can apply the method of dividing the convoy into small pieces, disguising diversion, or performing a delivery mission in the dark; take the small road instead of the big one…

However, doing so will lead to inefficiencies in logistical support, weapons and equipment to the front lines, which may not meet operational needs.

In addition, although the road network in Ukraine is dense, to prevent convoys, the Russian side only needs to destroy bridges and roads at key intersections, which can cut off the traffic “lifeline” and make the convoy The vehicle cannot move forward.

In short, although more Western-aided weapons and equipment may enter Ukraine in the future, transporting them in Ukraine will become increasingly difficult and unsustainable.

Closely monitored by Russia, how will NATO calculate the way to transfer weapons to the front for the Ukrainian Army?  - Photo 5.

Anti-tank weapons are now needed by the Ukrainian Army more than ever (Artwork).

Is Romania an important alternative route?

In the context that it is becoming more and more difficult to bring weapons to Ukraine, Western countries are also looking for new customers. In terms of geography, besides Poland, NATO countries including Slovakia, Hungary and Romania have borders with Ukraine.

Currently, Hungary has clearly refused to be a “bank” to transfer Western countries’ weapons to Ukraine because of territorial conflicts with Ukraine. Hungarian Prime Minister Orban emphasized, Hungary will not send weapons to Ukraine; let alone get involved in the Russo-Ukrainian war.

Slovakia is more active in intervening in the Russo-Ukrainian conflict; but in terms of geographical location, the country’s border situation with Ukraine is similar to that of Poland, it is unlikely to act as a substitute for Poland.

The geographical position of Romania has special conditions, as it has borders with western Ukraine and the Odessa region in southern Ukraine. If weapons are shipped from Romania, it could effectively penetrate deep into Ukraine and possibly directly to Odessa in southern Ukraine.

From the map, the city of Galati in eastern Romania, is connected to the Odessa region in southern Ukraine by a highway. NATO also seems “optimistic” about this route.

Closely monitored by Russia, how will NATO calculate the way to transfer weapons to the front for the Ukrainian Army?  - Photo 7.

A convoy gathered near the Polish border preparing to invade Ukraine.

Previously, French military transport planes had transported some weapons and equipment to the Mikhail-Kogarniceanu Airbase in Romania, and transported them to Ukraine via Romania.

But in general, part of this shipping route is built along the Black Sea coast and has a cross-sea bridge, once the Russian Black Sea Fleet destroys the bridge, the whole route will be in danger. muscle is interrupted.

In addition, with the influx of Ukrainian refugees, the route could be occupied and blocked by refugees.

Faced with the serious dilemma that Western countries will face when it comes to arms aid to Ukraine; Politicians in Western countries remain “secretive” on the shipping issue.

In an interview with British media, British Defense Ministry official James Haipi said arms transfers to Ukraine were “what we are doing”, but could not say exactly where, when and how?

The Polish Ministry of Defense stressed in a statement that, “for security reasons, we are unable to announce details”.

Closely monitored by Russia, how will NATO calculate the way to transfer weapons to the front for the Ukrainian Army?  - Photo 9.

Transporting weapons from Poland to Ukraine by road is now extremely dangerous.

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