Colonization of Mars

A Twitter account recently posted a photo of the time when humans conquered the Moon and Mars with the status line “What’s your guess, Elon Musk?” (How do you predict Elon Musk?). This Tweet then attracted a lot of attention and comments from a strong community, including the richest person on the planet: Elon Musk.

He revealed that 2029 will be the earliest year that humans can set foot on Mars, 60 years since the astronauts successfully planted the American flag on the Moon in 1969. This means that The 2026 appointment that Musk himself set for his journey to conquer Mars has once again missed.

Humanity's most adventurous mission of Elon Musk: Colonization of Mars - Photo 1.

Elon Musk revealed that 2029 will be the earliest year that humans can set foot on Mars

The plan to test the first flight to Mars in 2022 has not been implemented yet

In February 2021, Greg Autry, a space expert and professor at Arizona State University, asserted that, from now until at least 2029, Elon Musk will not be able to set foot on Mars with or without help from NASA.

This comment is in stark contrast to the scenario that Elon Musk himself drew for his journey to space, that humans will definitely be able to set foot on Mars before 2026.

“I would be surprised if we can’t land on Mars within five years,” Elon Musk told Time Magazine when sharing about his plan to send humanity to the red planet.

It is known that part of this plan will include the construction of a self-sustaining city with hydroponic solar farms, where people can live even millions of miles from Earth.

“The next really big thing is building a self-sustaining city on Mars and getting the animals and creatures on Earth there,” Musk said. “It’s like a future version of Noah’s ark.”

Despite the fact that many space experts say that it is difficult for humans to permanently settle on Mars, and even Musk has acknowledged the possibility that astronauts “may die”. ” along the way, the ambition of the richest madman in the world is still too big to be extinguished.

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According to Business Insider, Elon Musk is preparing a plan to build a city of 1 million people living on Mars by 2050. 1,000 Starship rockets that can be reused in the next 10 years are being built to present make this dream come true. Musk also revealed that he is aiming to launch an average of 3 ships per day and the trip will be for anyone who wants to go to Mars.

“Anyone can go if they want. We also provide loans to those who have no money. There will be a lot of work to do on Mars,” Musk wrote.

“It’s been almost half a century since man last set foot on the moon. It’s been a long time, and I think it’s time for us to come back here and establish a permanent base. We also need to build a city on Mars to become a space civilization,” Musk said.

According to SpaceX, Starship is the most powerful and unique rocket ever due to being reusable. This means that the cost of orbiting will be significantly reduced, specifically saving about 10 million USD for every 100 tons of materials put into space. Musk thinks this is possible in a few years.

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Elon Musk is quite optimistic and really believes that in less than 30 years, it will be possible to help 1 million people settle down and settle down on Mars.

In fact, SpaceX took quite a long time to conduct test flights to put Starship into orbit, then return to simulate the path of the rocket. The May 2021 flight was the only test that gave a satisfactory result, most of the rest ended in a bang. According to SpaceX, Starship will need Super Heavy, a rocket booster with dozens of engines to succeed. However, this project has not yet been tested.

However, Elon Musk is still quite optimistic and really believes that in less than 30 years it will be possible to help 1 million people settle down on Mars. This dream makes many people doubt. They recall Musk’s previous statement, pledging that the first test flight to Mars would be carried out in 2022 and that the people who set foot on the planet would return to Earth two years later. But in fact, this year is already 2022, and Musk still has not been able to do what he once said.

Mankind’s Most Dangerous Quest

Many people think that Elon Musk’s ambition to colonize Mars may be the most risky mission of mankind. There are still too many unanswered questions about whether humans can travel to space for a long time, because even Elon Musk has to admit that this difficult journey is fraught with risks. ro: “Honestly, a lot of people might die in the first place”

These risks are something scientists cannot answer, and neither is SpaceX. It is completely different from sending humans to the Moon in just a few short days. Moreover, to build a city for 1 million people to live in and before that successfully put Starship into orbit, SpaceX will need to solve countless difficult problems. The company will first have to launch some oil tankers into space because the rocket ships will need more fuel to launch back. This entails a series of fuel transport tests fraught with risks and technical complications.

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Elon Musk’s ambition to colonize Mars may be humanity’s most risky mission

According to Associate Professor Michalski of the University of Hong Kong (China), finding enough fuel to help the rocket return is said to be the biggest technological challenge in the mission to send humans to Mars.

In addition, in order for humans to settle on Mars, Elon Musk will have to transport tons of raw materials and materials. Thus, despite the fact that Starship is a powerful, unique rocket and the promised cost of orbiting can be significantly reduced, Musk will still need a lot of money to serve his “die on Mars” dream. me.

In 2019, at the 70th International Aeronautics Conference held in Washington DC (USA), Mr. Jim Bridenstine, Administrator of NASA announced that it would be possible to send humans to Mars by 2035. 6 years more than Elon Musk expected. He thinks that if we accelerate the landings on the Moon, humans will be closer to the future of setting foot on Mars.

Yet this staunch claim is still considered by most experts to be far-fetched and vague. They think that NASA will face many immediate problems, such as how to ensure the health of astronauts for many months of space travel as well as how to complete the mission in a timely manner. safest way…Some experts also say that with flying to the Moon, there is always the possibility of rescue or resupply from Earth or a space station, but in the case of Mars, these are unlikely to be possible. .

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SpaceX and Starship are gradually conquering new historical milestones

However, considering what SpaceX and Starship have done in the past, from the doubts of only 1% of success to the step-by-step process of conquering new historical milestones, we can still put our trust in it. believe in Elon Musk – the madman who claims to be the Emperor of Mars, for 20 years has only dreamed of conquering the real universe.

“This is a man desperate to save the Earth and give us a new planet to live in. This is a clown, a genius, an Internet geek… Musk is a combination of Thomas and Thomas. Edison, PT Barnum, Andrew Carnegie and Manhattan doctor in the graphic novel Watchmen – the blue-skinned god invented the electric car and wants to send humans to Mars,” Time magazine wrote in an article. honoring Elon Musk as “Person of the Year 2021”.

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