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Comments on the match between Vietnam and Oman in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers: Victory is not far away

Comments on Vietnam vs Oman

With only two matches left, both Vietnam and Oman have no hope for a ticket to the World Cup 2022, but surely the two teams will still compete with high determination to have an ending that will satisfy the fans.

Ranking Group B after 8 rounds (Source: AFC homepage)
Ranking group B after 8 rounds.

The Vietnamese team was different from the first leg

More than 5 months ago, in Oman, the Vietnamese team took the lead thanks to a great effort by Tan Tai on the right flank and a well-timed strike by Tien Linh.

However, the West Asian team still calmly deployed the attack and equalized in the first half. Then, they took advantage of the mistakes, and the inexperience of our players in the big arena to score 2 more goals, making the result 3-1.

Following this match, Vietnam could not create any surprises before Japan and Saudi Arabia, too strong opponents.

In Singapore, the team also had an unsuccessful AFF Cup campaign when they had to stop in the semi-finals against Thailand.

Coach Park Hang Seo is under great pressure after consecutive failures. And he was determined to renew the team.

New faces are used, such as Tuan Hai, and the cards have also been transformed. This has worked.

After a testy loss to Australia, the team got its first victory in stage 3 of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers in Asia.

On the first day of Tet, the goals of Tan Tai, Tien Linh and Van Duc defeated the Chinese opponent with a score of 3-1. A jubilant match of Mr. Park and his students, they wrote a historic milestone for Vietnamese football.

Now, with the echo from the last win, and the home field advantage, the team will welcome Oman with a more positive and confident attitude than the first leg.

Vietnam can completely replicate the results like the match against China (Source: AFC)
Vietnam can completely replicate the same results as the match against China. (Source: AFC)

Do Hung Dung returns, strength returns.

To be fair, the unsatisfactory results in the first leg series as well as in the AFF Cup came largely from the absence of pillars.

They are Trong Hoang on the right, Van Hau on the left and midfielder Do Hung Dung. Remember that these are the 3 players that Mr. Park had to try to get them at the 2019 Sea Games. Including 2 seats over 22 years old, and Van Hau was asked to fly from the Netherlands to compete.

The return of Dung “Chip” is extremely important. About 4 years ago, he was still the most comprehensive midfield player in Vietnam, even the best.

Tuan Anh and especially Hoang Duc have played quite well in the past 1 year, but they still have qualities they are not as good as the midfielder of the Hanoi club.

Hung Dung has a strong contention ability, and is extremely mobile in midfield sweeps. He is also very effective in harassing and penetrating the opponent’s penalty area. The second goal in the match against China clearly showed that, quickly slamming and then close to the touchline and pushed the ball back to assist.

Hung Dung's return strengthens the midfield (Source: AFC)
Hung Dung’s return strengthens the midfield. (Source: AFC)

In addition, Hung Dung can also provide quality passes, from crosses, to pokes, and even one or two wall bounces.

Currently, the team’s midfield has a dream trio of Hung Dung, Hoang Duc and Quang Hai. They are the owners of the last 3 golden balls, have very good ball handling skills.

With this full trio, we will be more secure from controlling the game, regulating the tempo, and even creating mutations.

Overcome defensive difficulties

An unfortunate thing for the Korean strategist in this gathering is the absence of many defensive pillars.

Duy Manh, Bui Tien Using, Dinh Trong were injured. Hong Duy is infected with Covid-19, and Que Ngoc Hai may not recover in time.

However, Mr. Park still has alternatives. Van Thanh can completely keep the left corridor instead of Hong Duy, this is the position where Van Thanh has also played a lot in the past. The right wing is given to Tan Tai, a player on the right foot, and very effective in attack.

In the midfield position, Thanh Chung is in high form and will still be used. If Ngoc Hai does not make it in time, the remaining two pieces can be for Bui Hoang Viet Anh and Thanh Binh. Overseas Vietnamese player Adriano Schmidt is also ready, even though this is his first time joining the team.

Surely the team has had exercises with new personnel plans. In addition, playing at home will also help new players be less overwhelmed in the big game.

Comments on Vietnam vs Oman: Victory is not far away
Dao Van Nam – defender who was called up to replace Bui Tien Dung is trying to catch up with his teammates. (Source: VFF)

Things to note before opponents Oman

Because there was no hope of progressing, this time, Oman summoned more young elements. If they play with a lot of young players then maybe it will give some advantage to our team. However, still have to be very cautious with the speed and superior physical foundation of the opponent.

The first leg showed the strengths of Oman. In addition to the physical factor, the West Asian team has much more cunning, and even a little trickery. Their dead ball arrangements caused many difficulties for opponents, including Japan and Australia.

Oman summons new elements (Source: OFA social site – Oman Football Federation)
Oman summons new elements.

We need to have a solution to the opponent’s corner situation, when they often use the guise of surrounding the goalkeeper, and kicking the corner straight into the goal. In the first leg, Van Toan conceded such a second goal. The coaching staff has certainly researched and hoped to have prepared well.

In addition, the lesson of two away penalties is still there. Extra hand movements like those of Tan Tai and Duy Manh are not allowed to be reproduced, because the Oman player can fall down very quickly. The defensive players must be very alert, to avoid falling into your team’s trap.

Good opportunity for the Vietnamese team

The audience has returned, we have My Dinh National Stadium with tens of thousands of relay fans. Mr. Park is still on the right track in renewing and promoting the team’s aspirations.

Comments on Vietnam vs Oman: Victory is not far away
The Vietnamese team is in good form with a high spirit of determination. (Source: VFF)

Therefore, although Oman is not an easy obstacle, we can fully hope for a good match, score points, and even a victory.

Let’s watch and cheer for the Vietnamese team.

Probable teams:

Vietnam (5-3-2): Nguyen Manh; Van Thanh, Thanh Chung, Thanh Binh, Viet Anh, Tan Tai; Hung Dung, Hoang Duc, Quang Hai; Tuan Hai, Tien Linh

Oman (4-4-2): Faiyz Al-Rusheidi – Ahmed Al Khamisi, Al Hidi, Ahmed Al Kaabi, Ali Al-Busaidy – Al Aghbari, Abdullah Fawaz, Harib Al-Saadi – Khalid Khalifa Al Hajri, Salah Al-Yahyaei, Al Alawi

Predict the score

Vietnam vs Oman: 2-1

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