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Confirmed by the doctor that she is not pregnant, the girl caused quite a stir in the hospital 2 days later

Usually by doing a pregnancy test, ultrasound will find out if someone is pregnant pregnant or not, what is the status of the fetus. However, this girl Ellie Johnson (from Henham, Essex, England) is different, her case is so strange it’s hard to believe.

In particular, this history student did not experience any symptoms during her pregnancy, her breasts are still flat as usual and her menstrual cycle is still regular. Moreover, she has been taking birth control pills every day for 6 years.

Ellie said: “I didn’t know I was pregnant until I gave birth. I take birth control pills. I took it every day, even when I was pregnant. I don’t really have any symptoms. I still have my period every month and my stomach hasn’t grown at all.”

The doctor confirmed that she was not pregnant, the girl made the whole hospital riot 2 days later - 1

Ellie is 5 months pregnant, her belly is still small, doesn’t look like a pregnant woman.

Interestingly, this 24-year-old girl also confirmed that she had seen 6 doctors, took pregnancy tests 3 times and did an ultrasound once, but the results showed that she was not pregnant. All doctors believe he is experiencing some kind of “bottleneck” in his body that has not been determined with certainty. But unexpectedly, the “blockage” was a child and he only found out the truth when the baby’s head slowly emerged from his body.

Sharing about this, Ellie admitted that she was seriously ill and felt sick to her stomach in August 2018 after having a vacation with her friends. But thinking that it was because he drank so much alcohol, he didn’t think much of it.

In September 2018, Ellie first saw a doctor because she felt very uncomfortable due to severe stomach pain and felt that her body was heavier than before. The following month, he went to see a gastroenterologist again. She also carefully did a blood test to see if she was pregnant, and it came back negative.

The doctor confirmed that she was not pregnant, the girl made the whole hospital riot 2 days later - 2

Ellie went to the hospital with severe back and stomach pain, but then a baby appeared.

He shared: “I did a home pregnancy test and it was negative. 6 doctors also concluded that I was not pregnant after they allowed me to do a blood test and a pregnancy test. They thought I had a digestive system problem, so I was referred to a specialist. They think my problem is quite serious, my digestive system is blocked somewhere.

Indeed, one morning I woke up feeling like I had just eaten. One day my stomach was bloated in the morning, but the next morning everything was back to normal.”.

On December 20, 2018, Ellie had an ultrasound of her abdomen and ribs and was told that everything was normal. The next day, he and his family celebrated his grandmother’s birthday party and at dinner he drank wine. But around 10 that night, he started having severe stomach and back pain again.

After vomiting for four hours, Ellie and her mother called an ambulance to take her to the emergency room. At the hospital, the pain got worse.

The doctor confirmed that she wasn't pregnant, the girl made the whole hospital riot 2 days later - 3

Pregnancy and childbirth were a total shock, but Ellie quickly adjusted to her new life.

While lying in a hospital bed, a nurse and a doctor came to examine her and found that her baby’s head was starting to protrude. This left him in disbelief, thinking that he was hallucinating from the pain.

“When I was walking I felt like all of my lower abdomen was contracting and I thought there was something there. At that time I really thought maybe my intestines would come out soon.

Then the nurse told me to lie in bed to check and they found my baby’s head sticking out. It was the first time I knew I was pregnant and about to give birth.”remember mother.

At that point, the entire hospital was in a commotion, with the doctor even pulling back from the bed and frantically calling the midwife when she saw the baby’s head. At 5:40 a.m. on December 22, 2018, Ellie successfully gave birth to a daughter, Alicia Johnson. She was born around 37 weeks and weighs 3kg.

The doctor confirmed that she was not pregnant, the girl made the whole hospital riot 2 days later - 4

Now Ellie was very happy to have her daughter by her side.

Until now, when her daughter was 3 years old, Ellie still couldn’t forget the shock. Even though her daughter came unexpectedly, this young mother is now very happy to be with her child every day.

In addition, Ellie also said that the birth control pills had regulated her hormones so that her pregnancy was not detected through tests. Ellie also believes that her pregnancy was not detected on ultrasound because the fetus was pressing against her spine, which also explains the back pain she experienced during delivery.

How common is an unknown pregnancy?

One in 450 pregnant women in the UK don’t know they are pregnant until their 20th week of pregnancy. 1 in 2,500 pregnant women don’t know it until they give birth. This phenomenon is known as a “secret pregnancy”.

“Secret pregnancies” are common among young women who have never been pregnant or who believe they have gone through menopause and should not use birth control.

Women with irregular menstrual cycles are also more likely to miss pregnancy symptoms. This is especially true in women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a disease that causes hormonal imbalances, leading to irregular or missed periods.

However, there are some women who still have normal menstruation throughout their pregnancy. In this case, ultrasound may be the only way to confirm they are pregnant.

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